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スレッドの内容については、>>2 から >>5 あたりを見よ。

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>>36 にて
  Settle these troubles with ●those other● brothers.

と書いてしまっていた。しかしここの those other は実は Rosato という人名だと
いうことが >>43 を書き取りしているうちに気づいた。有名な映画に出てくる
人名については、検索するとすぐに出てくる。the Rosato brothers については、

どうしても Rosato には聞こえなかったが、もしかしたら Wozado brothers かもしれない
   wozado brothers godfather
というキーワードを打ち込んで検索すると、上記の Rosato brothers についての

なお、>>37 のコメントは >>36 の videoclip の冒頭に出てくるものについての

を聞きなおしてもわかるように、はっきりと正しく [hwɑtsʌp] と発音していて、
決して [wɑsʌp] のように発音してはいない。

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'The Godfather 2' 511 Michael Corleone Says Hello!

I got nobody here. Wait in the car, Cheech. Frankie. That's okay, Cheech. What's this
dough? Lucky seeno. Father Deer. Hey, Cheech. Surprise, huh? Huh, we're all happy
about your decision, Frankie. You're not going to regret it. I don't like this seeno,
Rosato. I take that as an insult. Michael Corleone says hello. (首を絞められる老人) ???
Close the fucking door. Fucking cop. What the ??? dock? Are you pro or con? Hey, I just
come in and clean up a little, you know. What's the matter? Is there something on the
floor? Come now, no, no. Not here. Take it easy.

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面白いけど transcript の見つからないビデオはなかなか見つからないが、今回のもの
はそれなりに面白く、しかも transcript が見つからないように思う。一生懸命に書き

Rita Hayworth "Mysteries & Scandals" Produced by Danny Schwartz & Alison Martino
(0m0s から 1m45s まで)

Well, here she is! Now you can see her again. Rita Hayworth—the 1940s the loring sex
siren was Hollywood's most dival asset. Rita looked like a million bucks on the surface.
She didn't seem to have a care in the world. You didn't hear about me, Gabe. If I'd been
on a ranch, they would've have named me Bar Nothing. But beneath the glossy exterior,
Rita Hayworth lived in a private hell. Fame could not shield Rita from decades of abuse,
heartache, and emotional chaos. And by the time she was sixty, newspaper headlines
screamed that Rita, the one-time love goddess of Hollywood, had finally crumbled. I'm
all good. I'm all worn out. I've been passed from hand to hand. I've had to split the
things that the nice American boys couldn't dream of in these wildest nightmares. On
this episode of mysteries and scandals, we'll recount Rita's deceptive and disastrous
relationship and reveal the inner demon that tormented Rita until she cracked. And
she was very volatile. She would just lose control and become kind of crazy. One point
she just lapped out to her face, hit the plate. Gypsies say the lover should have gentle
hands, a gentle louf, a gentle hot. And a woman saint? No. She would have cruel hands,
a cruel heart. No heart at all. I'm A.J. Benza. Join me as we expose the fragile woman
behind the flashy pinup image: Rita Hayworth.

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>>46 のビデオの transcript らしきものが
にあることがわかった。ただしこの transcript はかなりデタラメ。どうやら、機械で
自動的に聴き取って自動的に書き取ったものらしい。YouTube 上でも closed caption
人間がきちんと書き取った transcript は、今のところ僕には見つけられない。

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Rita Hayworth "Mysteries & Scandals" Produced by Danny Schwartz & Alison Martino
  (続き、2m03 から 6m40s まで)

Nineteen seventy-one. Ageing Hollywood sex symbol Rita Hayworth went on a
publicity tour through South America. Rita's agent Bud Moth remembers the fateful
trip. We arrived in Buenos Aires. There must have been a group of about 75 to 100
people, holding up signs, which said, "Welcome, Rita Hayworth! We love you, Rita!"
Rita's adoring fans made every effort to welcome her in Argentina. They even crammed
the 53-year-old movie star's hotel suite with an almost??? bouquets of flowers. But that
night, thousands of miles from home, the once regal and glamorous Rita Hayworth
seemed to lose her mind. And there must have been two dozen big arrangements. You
could see the floor. It was like a paper trail. A flowers of water going into Rita's room.
In the closet, where these big flower arrangements which she'd picked up and thrown
into the closet and slammed the door and she said, "It's kind of a ??? This really was a
bad girl." But when Rita was good, she was Margarita Cansino - a little girl born in
Brooklyn New York on October 17, 1918. Rita's mom Volga Hayworth was a showgirl
with a drinking problem. Biographer Edward Epstein described Rita's dear old dad.
Rita's father, Eduardo Cansino, was from a successful dancing family. Rita became her
father's dancing partner at about the age of 14 or 15. She was a very mature-looking
girl. And on stage, Rita and her father looked like brother and sister or, worse, husband
and wife. (3m48s まで)

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Rita Hayworth "Mysteries & Scandals" Produced by Danny Schwartz & Alison Martino
  (続き、3m48s から 5m13s まで)

Hollywood historian Caren Frenzel has studied the life of Rita Hayworth. It would be
practicing in the house and he would be yelling at her, and it was a strange relationship.
Phyllis Tolmas is a doctor of psychology. It was somewhat an obsessional relationship
in that she identified herself as a partner with her father. In search of fame and fortune,
Eduardo and the Cansino dancers moved to the West Coast. But when Dora's didn't
open ??? in Hollywood, the troop landed the gig and CD??? gambling parlor in Mexico.
Bob Schiffer served for 30 years as a Rita Hayworth makeup artist. She at that time
resented him, I believe, introducing her to Hollywood personality in Tijuana to watch
her dance. The visiting Hollywood execs were very impressed by Rita's dancing. She
was offered a few bit parts in movies in the 1937 18-year-old Margarita Cansino changed her name to Rita Hayworth, and signed a contract with the Columbia Pictures.
A few months later Rita also signed a marriage license with a man old enough to be her
father. Judson was what we could describe as a mystery man because nobody could
really knew what he did for a living. She married him for love. And he married her to
make money. He saw that she had the potential to be a big star and he decided that he
was going to transform her. That transformation included painful electrolysis to give
Rita a more attractive hairline.

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Rita Hayworth "Mysteries & Scandals" Produced by Danny Schwartz & Alison Martino
   (聴き取り、5m18s から)

Everybody needs somebody who can do all the necessary dirty work that has to be done
to get your career moving. Judson was willing to schmooze. Judson's schmoozing paid
off for Rita's career. Over the next four years, ??? to Rita Hayworth appeared in 19 films.
And Rita's new look got a lot of attention. In fact, by 1941, Rita was one of America's
most favorite pinup girls. Meanwhile her husband continued to exploit her in every way.
But he was friendly with Harry Coen, who was the head of Colombia Pictures. But
Harry Coen had invited him and Rita and bought his yacht. Judson was telling Rita,
"Well, Coen wants to go to bed with you. I think you should do it. It's important to your
career." It's true Rita had romance with various costars such as Victor Mature and
Anthony Quinn. However, Rita was not going to let Judson prostitute her to get ahead
in showbiz. So in 1942, after five years of marriage and manipulation, 23-year-old Rita
found the courage to give Judson his walking papers. But Judson threatened to
publicize Rita's affairs. She just wanted to be rid of him but he wanted money from her,
and ended up that Colombia had to pay him off to keep him quiet. Judson demanded
30,000 bucks to stay out of Rita's life. (6m40s ---- 続く)

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About Time Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Rachel McAdams Movie HD 書き取り

My name is Tim. This is the year that would change my life forever. Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! I just didn't know it yet. To my dear son, this is going to sound strange.
But there's this family secret that the men in the family can... travel in time. This is such a
weird joke. It's not a joke. If it is true, which it isn't, .... Which it is. But if it was, which is
not, .... Which it is. How would I actually...? You're going to a dark place, clench your fists,
think of the moment you're going to, and you'll find yourself just there. Happy New Year!
It's going to be a complicated year. It's going to be a complicated life. For me, it was always
going to be... all about love. I'm Tim. I'm Mary. It's my mother's name. I remind you of your
mother? ??? through more. Could you give me one second? I'm Tim. I'm Mary. I love your
eyes. Do you? I love the rest of your face too. Haven't even looked further down. I'm sure
it's all fantastic. I'm sure it will be better next time. Well done. ??? must be the first time. (続く)

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I admit it. Some days you want to relive forever. You marry me? Think I'll go for... yes. Some
days you want to live only once. I'm so uninterested in the life of ??? your father. It never
occurred to me that I might use you. I never said you could fix everything. Not without
consequences. And so could see you. We've never met before. Oh, no! What do I do? You
have to use it to make your life the way you want it to be. I never know what the future
holds. Just like everyone else. Time catches up to all of us. My son. My dad. I try to live
every day as if it was the final day. My extraordinary ordinary life. That was you again.
You will. My whole life depends on it.

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YouTube 上で movie trailer 2016 というキーワードでビデオを検索すると、
最新の映画の予告編がたくさん見られる。予告編だから 2 分前後という短さだし、
2016 年のものだということになっているので日本でも外国でもおそらくはまだ

映画の中のあちこちの断片を切り取ってあるので、仮にすでに transcript が
ネット上にあったとしても該当箇所を探しにくい。そして 2016 年ということになって
いるから、transcript がすでにネット上で公開されている可能性も低い。

というわけで、書き取り練習としては movie trailer 2016 で検索したビデオの

それを次から次へと何十本もの予告編や video clip の台詞を書き取り続けるのは、


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2016年に封切りされることになっている映画の予告編として、Robert DeNiro の出演する

Dirty Grandpa - Official Film Trailer 2016 - Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Julianne Hough Movie HD

55 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2015/12/30(水) 15:23:49.80 ID:8rojvGEZ.net

Dirty Grandpa - Official Film Trailer 2016 - Zac Efron, Robert De Niro, Julianne Hough Movie HD

I don't understand why you have to drive down to Florida, just to have a funeral.
Grandmother and I were there just to every year. It just seems like cutting a little close at
the rehearsal brunch on Friday. I'm just freaking out. I don't. Can you take my car to CD?
I need the SVC for the wine. Now let's get on that giant lay baby you drove up in and get
out of here? Hey, we're hopping to Daytona. So you guys tag along with this baby? Party
some babies into us? Oh. We're not going to Daytona. Bang! You kidding me right now?
Grandma's funeral was yesterday. She told me on her deathbed, "You get back out there
again." Hey, Grandpa. Did he just ??? your grandpa? What the...? ??? and get that for me?
You're the ??? spring guy? No. And you're ??? girls have herpes. You can't see it. Oops. It
never usually happens. (続く)

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Really? It happens to me all the time. Daytona Beach! You're in Daytona Beach? We're
just driving through the ??? She's not right for you. You're married to her. You're going to
sleep all the rest of your life. The way I see it, this is our last stand. This is crack! I smell
crack? Yeah, but just a lot. I smell crack! You know how much I appreciate your doing this.
You get naked? Well, that's the best way to sleep. Oh, my God! I want you to tear up my
bra like it's a social security check. ??? around like you're trying to find your glasses. I
found them. ??? Greatest gift of grandson. ??? grandfather is a hot ??? girls want to have
unprotected sex with her before he dies. ??? Grandpa, just want toffee - or socks.

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58 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/10(日) 15:27:22.85 ID:0q9TPQbz.net

59 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/10(日) 16:16:39.35 ID:HLnIX1V6.net
he has always had no bite かなあ。わからん

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ものすごく新しいと思われる映画の trailer の書き取り。あまりに新しいから、
たぶん transcript はどこにもないだろうと思う。

Elvis & Nixon Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Michael Shannon, Kevin Spacey Movie HD

Of all the famous images preserved in our national archives, the most requested photo
of all time... is this one. You remember when we talked about finding an ally pre???
someone from the outside? You need to get this letter to the president. You never going
to get some millionaire who showed up in the northwest ??? CM? It's Elvis. Elvis
Presley. You swear this isn't a joke? 'Cause this image is horrible. Thank you. Thank
you very much. So you think we should meet with him? Yes, Mr. President. Tearing my
knockover. Everybody loves Elvis. Call me. Think of really ?? useful, with all ??? badge.
A what? I would like to go undercover, with a federal agent. (続く)

61 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/10(日) 20:10:09.55 ID:AVo5DNkW.net
I want a 31 ??? major some
expert costume disguised. Like an impetrate Communist and then bust them all. Let's
do this thing. ??? undercover rock 'n' roller. Sounds ludicrous. I can supply my own
firearms. All right. But what do we have on this guy? Well, he's one of the most famous
men on the planet. Loves God and hates the Beatles. The Beatles? Well, I don't like
them. Okay, we certainly have firearms and weapons of any kind on your person. To get
things in any kisses on this little fellow in my boot. Mr. Presley, we're going to have to
go over to protocol. Mr. President, Mr. Elvis Presley. On the coffee table is a dish with
M&M of those only for the president. M&M is my favorite. Mine, too. There's also an
open bottle of Dr. Pepper. You have a bottle-opener? Please do not open it. Please do not
drink from it, because it's only for the President. What the good God is going on? I don't
know, sir. Make sure we get a picture Mr. President. You and me, roll for nothing but
look where I am today. Look where you are. It's all I learned ??? steel. Now slap them.
Come on, harder. Harder. Those are the steel clothes. Are the tiger, Mr. President.

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Jane Got a Gun Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor Action HD

Moe, we've got another one dame. People are saying a woman is seen playing in town.
The girl fit the description of our old friend Jane. We will question every 11 soul. Turn
over every rock. So that's snakes. Is out of sight. When she does, well, you bring me
your head. I need a gunslinger. There's your boss come for you. You don't need a
gunslinger. You need a whole damn regiment. I had so much you don't know after you
left. Bishops offered protection for me and my daughter. They had other intentions. Is
that a way in? One way in, and one way out. ??? a whole life. They've come to my house.
I'm going to protect him. It's not worth your life, Jane. I like it worth your concern.
Hasn't been for years. ??? takes. You're no different. I told you if I find anyone, .... I
want *her* in my possession where she belongs. Jane! I'm Justin. He's so much as
projection. I will blow your head off.

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64 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/10(日) 21:09:48.02 ID:AVo5DNkW.net
London Has Fallen Official Trailer #2 (2016) - Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler Movie HD

An attack has decimated the British capital. Go, go, go! See American president. He's
unaccounted for. Oh, my God! ??? the presidential race, sir? ??? Bourbon and poor
choices. What security unprecedented level. This isn't just a gathering of the most
powerful leaders. It is the most protected event on earth. Welcome to London, Mr.
President. What's wrong? Nothing. Bugs the hell out of me. Get down! An attack has
decimated the British capital. ??? the world's leaders are now dead. Stay with me. We'll
get you out of here. The American president... (Now.) ... is unaccounted for. Your friend's
in the West. Bakawi. Number six ??? What do you want? Your president. That's not
going to happen. Every death of this moment forward... will be on your head. We have
to fire the coward 45 of the president. We're going to kill him slowly. And don't cast it lie.
Yeah, we should have grown more that. ??? execute his propaganda. You don't ??? take
me. This ??? going to kill me. That's an order. London is just the first stop. Just
imagine... every major city descending into chaos. Your president dies tonight. The goes
to threaten our freedom. America will rise up... All right. Here we go! ... and make no
mistake. We will find you. And we will destroy you. Mike, we're getting you out. Go, go,
go! ???ter three o'clock. We're thrown back. Oh, my God!

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All Roads Lead To Rome Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie Day Movie HD

What's the purpose of your visit? I've been kidnapped. We're on vacation. ??? my mother.
Ah, it's so relaxing in Italy. People are so laid back. I will need a reservation. I'm sure
you can scrounge up a little convertible. On road. Just the two of us. You know, like
Thelma and Louise. ??? look up and kill themselves. Sorry. Yup. Super-relaxed here. Oh,
wow! It's really something, isn't it? Buon giorno! ??? from George? Luca? Mikey. I can't
believe this. You see why we are here. No, God, no! I will wake mama so she can meet
you. Buon giorno, Carlo. He's been polite. Is that sexing you? You've got to get back
here. ??? got to ???. Sexing people is a form of politeness here. Where's the garage?
We'll get the airport. Whatever dude? Thelma! Thelma! She took my mama and my
alpha! Let's go. So, what happened? Actually, they were two of the nicest ones of my life.
There they are! Thelma! Mama! left tonight. I'll sleep on the floor. You said you'd sleep
on the floor. It was too uncomfortable. You make a wish. I wish I head state instead of
running away. Your body still looks becky.

66 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 10:24:56.91 ID:mAMauXZe.net
Fair market value 2016 - Trailer

Welcome to Atlantic Shores Realtors. Everybody, this is Ke.... (... Gracias.) Kendall.
This is Kendall, everyone. So, here you're real estate agents. No, here you are *the*
real estate agents. My sales last year was 43 million... I'm sorry. Uh, what was your
sales? Fifty-nine million. Phew! You've been to a black barbershop before? I'm just a
white girl from London. I've never even been to KFC. You two are working together. I
see you're trying to imply that I'm ... quote unquote... jealous. I'm sorry, but I have to
decide ??? kind to the page. My parents want to meet you. What is that smell? I'm
making spam, maraconi, and cheese. Unfortunately, I am allergic. To what? To all of it.
All of the ingredients. It's like you're implying I'm not a man or something. Here's your
Strawberry Becky. Dirty Dozen. Oh, no. Pray with me. Isn't that a private rich one? No,
I think it's masturbation. I think I'm going to be sick. I'm sorry. That's the whole
English I have. I'm going to sell the shit out of this house.

67 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 12:35:49.47 ID:mAMauXZe.net
DOWNTON ABBEY 6 : "Special Christmas" 2015 - THE FINALE

The life change for Lady Edith Crawley or the family taken after Instroll. He's working
out. Henry, Mary, and Dalton. As far as I can tell. Now I'm just a poor man in school to
buy a rich wife and that's not what I want for you. I'm so ??? of you, you know. This is
your moment. Well done to you. Hey goodbyes. There seem to be so many of them these
days. And no one could pray for your good fortune more heartily than I. We are very
grateful to you, Kurtz. What can I do? I can hardly push my way past the servants run
upstairs to their bedroom. I can't see why not. Vary is my son, I love you. But I've tried
and failed like you. Carson. Vary Rose, how nice to see you! Anna! Oh, look at you!
Kurtis presents the hours spent at the hospital. I was not spending money, you know.
What's that? It should be. These are hairdryer for Lady Mary. ??? comes to ??? here, not
me. He's nice. We could do worse. I could do it a lot better, no? He just sends love. She's
gone to London. Not to see you, Berty. I assume. I've never had a proper chance to say
"thank you" for rescuing me. Glad to do it. I'm to the pump. Lenka has told me all about your column. We never know what's coming, of course, who does? But I'd say... we have
a good chance.

68 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 13:03:50.20 ID:mAMauXZe.net
Downton Abbey SERIES FINALE (Christmas Special 2015) (6x09)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld
acquaintance be forgot and auld lang syne? I hope you're not too unhappy about the
way things have turned out. The world is a different place from the way it was, my lord.
And Downton Abbey must change with it. Arrived here as a boy, I leave as a man.
Please don't go. Makes me smile. Every year we're doing a few chores way maybe
written. ??? merry for the chance. I think you are. We never know what's coming, of
course, who does? But I'd say... we have a good chance. Spend one last "Christmas at
Downton Abbey: The Final Episode." Christmas Day at ITV.

69 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 13:12:08.18 ID:mAMauXZe.net
"The Real Downton Abbey" Servants: The True Story Of Life Below Stairs 1/3

A century ago, one and a half million of us worked as servants. Astonishingly, that's
more than worked in industries or on the land. My great-grandmother was a servant.
And coming from this background, I want to find out about the reality of their lives.
Country houses like these simply wouldn't have been able to function without a whole
army of staff working away above and below stairs. [SUBTITLE: Dr. Pamela Cox, Essex
University] When I come to places like this, my first instinct isn't to go through the
formal entrance. But find the servants' door, and going that way. In this series, I want
to dispel the nostalgia and fantasies that we have around domestic service and reveal a
much more complex world. I'm going to tell a very different sort of history. One of
suppressed passions, strict hierarchies, and an obsession with status and class.
Digging through the archives, I'll track down the lost lives of real servants whose voices
have largely been forgotten. Who's this? Not bad-looking. Yes, very good-looking. We
were underdogs. We weren't on the same level of ??? We had to know our place. I'll visit
the homes of the super-rich and anxious middle classes in order to understand how
servants actually lived and worked. (1 minutes 30 seconds まで)

70 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 13:40:48.82 ID:mAMauXZe.net
>>69 の続き、1 minute 28 seconds から
"The Real Downton Abbey" Servants: The True Story Of Life Below Stairs 1/3

But above all, I want to ask some difficult questions that have been left unanswered for
decades. Amazing, isn't it? Our country was based on an idea around service so long.
Why was that? Why did that world disappear? And what uncomfortable truths can we
uncover while looking over the realities of servants' lives? [Episode 1: Knowing Your
Place] Between the mid-18th and the mid-19th century, grand country houses sprang
up all over Britain. New wealth in the British Empire and the Industrial Revolution
transformed feudal homes into grand estates of a new ruling class. One of these was
Erddig Hall in North Wales. Erddig Hall was a local landowner in York and their staff.
Thirty outdoor estate workers plus 15 indoor servants. In the servants' quarters, the
first thing you see is a poem blessing them all. "May heaven protect our home from
flame or hurt or harm of various name! And may no evil betide any who therein ??? by
it! Or who from homes beyond its gates bestow their toil on this estate." "Toil" is the
word. The hall was built on a generous scale: 200,000 square feet of house, six formal
reception rooms, a chapel, a grand dining room, and nine family bedrooms. In order to
service these rooms, there were twice as many rooms downstairs and in the outhouses.
(3 minutes 26 seconds まで)

71 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 14:24:39.72 ID:mAMauXZe.net
>>70 の続き、3 minutes 2 seconds から
"The Real Downton Abbey" Servants: The True Story Of Life Below Stairs 1/3

In order to service these rooms, there were twice as many rooms downstairs and in the
outhouses, each with their own specific function. From the kitchen, and the scullery, to
the laundry, and the bake-house. The family upstairs could summon the servants to
any part of the house at any time. Perfect might seem quiet now, but in its prime, the
economic scale that worked kept it going was staggering. Every week, three tons of coal
were carried around to fuel 51 places, five ovens, and three coppers. Two to three
hundred gallons of water were carted around different parts of the house for cooking,
cleaning, and washing. And for washing, we're talking up to 600 items per week. Then
there was this food. Four meals a day for 30 people that would be the family and their
staff, guests, and their staff. And all this was done by hand, by a small army of servants
working 17-hour days all year round with no modern technology. This scale of service
was repeated in country houses across the British Isles. But what's so unusual about
Erddig is that the family had a long-standing tradition of having portraits made of
their servants. This is the family of servants at Erddig in 1852. The family of servants
at the front and the real family at the back. In that window there. (4 minutes 55
seconds まで)

72 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/01/11(月) 20:39:09.30 ID:mAMauXZe.net
Howards End Trailer 1992

The Wilcoxes, they've taken ??? son. The Wilcox pointed our house. So there lives a girl
trying to catch me. Ridiculous! Howard's End was almost pulled down once. It would
have killed me. It was left me by my older brother who died out in India. I *love* it so.
We have here a note imported in your mother's handwriting. And it says, "I would like
Miss Schlegel, Margaret, to have Howard's End." I could disgrust that woman's eye out.
Taking my mother's place. An idea. Do you want to marry me? Are you doing flier? I get
to the world. Let's dance. Just you and me. Don't take up the sentimental attitude over
the poor. See what that does Margaret. The poor are poor. One is sorry for them, but
there it is. What's wrong to ??? Starving. Starving. Who is starving? The Basks! He has
turned broke thanks to us, he's ??? We've ruined him. Aren't you going to say hello? Do
you know Mrs. Lenster? No, I don't! Everything's got wrong for you, hasn't it? You have
had a mistress. I forgave you. My sister has a lover, you drive her from the house! Why
can you not be honest for once in your life and say to yourself, "What Helen has done, I
have done"? Charles!

73 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/02/04(木) 09:42:29.60 ID:zQwTblE+.net
IBM TV Commercials on Energy Efficiency/Green (Tree Huggers)


上記の IBM commercial の台詞について 777 がネイティブに質問したときの


74 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/02/04(木) 09:47:32.91 ID:zQwTblE+.net
>>73 でのネイティブからの最終回答案をここにコピーペーストしておく。

男:I've been looking over your green proposal.


男:It's fine, just fine. I'm sure it'll make people feel real good about
the company, should go over big with the tree huggers, too. See, the
folks that I report to, they don't eat granola. So let me ask you.
Why would I sign this?

女:This plan could cut our energy costs by 40%.


女:And we spent 18 million dollars on energy last year.

男:Where do I sign?

女:Just sign right [there].
  (ただし、最後の there を言おうとしながら、女性はためらって口ごもる)

75 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/02/04(木) 13:50:25.00 ID:JaxSPya8.net
ディクテーションうまいやつって耳もだいぶ肥えて、もちろん学校英語やらフレーズやら相当詰め込んでんだよな たいしたもんじゃいな

76 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/02/04(木) 15:33:09.73 ID:c1vVA4xc.net

77 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/06(日) 10:07:23.30 ID:i0M6sCgW.net
Leonardo DiCaprio Oscars 2016 Acceptance Speech Wins Best Actor Oscar for
The Revenant & Chris Rock

2分ほどの Leonardo DiCaprio のスピーチを書き取ってみる。

Thank you. Thank you all so very much. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you to all
of you in this room. I have to congratulate the other incredible nominees of this year
on... for their unbelievable performances. Uh, "The Revenant" was a (ここで [ə] では
なく [ei] と発音していることに注意したい) product of the tireless efforts of an
unbelievable cast and crew I got to work alongside. First off, to my brother of this
endeavor, Mr. Tom Hardy (19世紀のイギリスの小説家 Thomas Hardy を意識した名
前か?). Tom, your fierce talent on screen can only be surpassed by your friendship off
screen to Mr. Alehandred(???) on the [reetoo](???) as a history of cinema folds you
have forged your way and the history of the past two years. What an unbelievable
talent you are! Thank you to you and Cheevo(???) for creating a transcendent
cinematic experience for all of us. Thank you to everybody at Fox and New Regency, in
particular Milsham you're the champion of this endeavor of the entire team. I thank
everyone from the onset of my career; to Mr. Jones, for casting me in my first film. To
Mr. Scorsese for teaching so much about the cinematic art form. To Mr. Ricky Ong;
thank you for helping me navigate me through this industry. And to my parents; none
of this would be possible without you. And to my friends; I love you dearly for who you are.


78 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/06(日) 10:08:06.87 ID:i0M6sCgW.net
>>77 からの続き

Lastly I want to say this: making "The Revenant" was a man's relationship to the
natural world, a world that we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in the
recorded history. Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet
just to be able to find snow. Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It is the
most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together
to stop procrastinated... procrastinating. We need the support of the leaders around
the world who do not speak for the big polluters - big corporations - but who speak for
all of humanity for the indigenous people of the world, for the billions and billions of
underprivileged people most affected by this, for our children's children, and for those
people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed. I thank
you all for this amazing award tonight. Let us not take this planet for granted. I do
not take tonight for granted. Thank you so very much. [2'44"]

79 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/08(火) 09:25:10.29 ID:79l/Vd5M.net
Pulp Fiction - Opening Scene

transcript はネット上にあるだろうけど、どれくらい聴き取れるか自分なりにテストし
てみた。聴き取れていないところが多い。理解度は 80% か?それとも 70% か?

Scary. Too risky. I'm free *** night shift. You always say that. The same thing every
time. I'm through. Never again. Too dangerous. That's what I was saying. I was right,
too. And you forget about it in a day or two? Yeah, in a day Let me forget about ???
You remember it. It just began. You know, when you go on like this, what you sound
like? Sound like a sensible fucking man. That's what I sound like? What hell's that?
[Imitating the sound of a chicken.] Because you're never ??? Since I'm going to have to
do it again, you're never going to have to quack. I'm never going to do it. After
tonight? Correct. I'll alternate quick. Can I get anyone more coffee? Oh, yes. Thank
you. I'm in the way. Is now. Taking a sandwich and rob a bank. Taking more of a
risk. ??? toresia. Federal banks ??? any way during a robbery. And sure. Why should I
give a fuck? ??? guy in a federal bank. What about this one block ??? funk? You gaze a
funk at ??? tella. ??? says, "We've got this ???, we'll go." We're going to get all your money.

80 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/08(火) 09:26:08.13 ID:79l/Vd5M.net
>>79 からの続き
We're going to kill her. Did it work? Fucking right. So what I'm talking
about ?? rob a bank with a telephone. Not pistol. Not shotgun. A fucking phone. ???
out. ??? fucking finger. Did they ??? a girl? I don't know. I probably never was a ??? in
the first place. Quick a story, isn't it? The point of the story is. I ??? a bank with a
telephone. You want to rob a bank? I don't want to rob a bank. I just illustrate what
we did. Easier but we can do it. ??? look a store? What have we been talking about?
Yeah, ??? look a sto??? so ??? used to be. to be foreigners??? Vietnamese, Korean, a
fucking English. ??? I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Let me get too
personal. We keep on ??? one of these fucking ??? kill him. I'm not going to kill
anybody. I don't want to kill anybody, either. But the public person ??? situation???
sassle then. And if it's not a good ??? all fucking Jews under stole ??> fucking
generation grandpa Irvin same by the ??? fucking magnetism is at. Trouble is one of
those ??? nothing but ??? fart at you. ??? is going to fuck you, forget it. All right, ???
Yeah, what then, day jobs? Not in this life. What then? Garcon, coffee! This place.
"Garcon" means "boy." This place, a coffee shop. ??? from a... nobody ever robs
restaurants. Why not? Bus, liquor stores, gas stations.... You get ripped ??? one of
them. Restaurants, on the other hand, you cash with the pants down. And you're
expecting to get robbed.

81 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/08(火) 09:26:52.92 ID:79l/Vd5M.net
>>80 からの続き

As expected, anyway. I beg you could cut down on the hero
factor in a place like this. You're right. Same as banks, this place has been insured.
Manager. He doesn't give a fuck. ??? door before you get start plugging a diner's.
Waitresses, fucking, forget it. Now, wait a second for the register. Bus boys, some
wet ??? can pay a dollar fifty an ounce. Really give a fuck. You steal from the owner.
Customers sit in the ??? house. I don't know ??? One minute. ??? ten minute ??? next
stick ??? a gun in his face. See, I've got the idea. ??? stall ??? remember? All customers
get coming. Yeah. You got the idea taking their wallets. Hhmmm. And that was a
good idea. Thank you. ??? different register. Yes, we did. A lot of people come to
restaurants. Lot of wallets. Pretty smart, huh? But is smart. I'm ready. Let's do it.
Right now. Right here. Come on. All right. Same as last time, remember? You ???
control. I ??? employees. [They kiss.] I love you. I love you, honey bunny. Everybody,
cool ??? It's a robbery. Any of you fucking ??? move, and I'll let ??? motherfucking last one of you!

82 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/08(火) 13:52:19.21 ID:TpdCwT7B.net

83 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/03/08(火) 23:08:23.18 ID:koeeUlBQ.net

84 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/06/15(水) 02:59:50.25 ID:kKaunpcC.net

Four from unofficially tying Pete Rose's major league record.

He's got the same side burns too.

Slow ground ball up the middle and Ichiro's got another hit.

He has one shine(?) of Rose's record.

う〜ん あとはよく分からなくて面倒だった

85 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/06/15(水) 03:34:44.82 ID:sosUHGw/.net

86 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/06/15(水) 03:56:40.73 ID:kKaunpcC.net
報道ステーション スポーツコーナーで聞けたメジャーリーグの実況

87 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/06/15(水) 04:10:41.56 ID:sosUHGw/.net

88 :名無しさん@英語勉強中:2016/06/15(水) 07:12:34.85 ID:kKaunpcC.net


最後以外は結構自信あるんだけどなw 間にコンマが必要っぽくてもそれは無視してるけど


音源は… あれば後で探す

89 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 (ワッチョイ f338-mecg):2016/09/20(火) 09:17:50.51 ID:X3t3iqlX0.net

90 :(ワッチョイ 23b0-fmb+):2016/10/16(日) 02:36:02.75 ID:NkSEL4CU0.net

91 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/05/13(土) 21:22:25.47 ID:2QOusg0P0.net
Tupac Exposes The FBI / COINTELPRO (Says They're Targeting Him)


similar to ??? is

they join the Panthers and they would start the〜
以降but it's a cop!まで

どなたか聞き取りレベルの高い方、ご教示いただけないでしょうかm(_ _)m

92 :91 :2017/05/15(月) 14:59:10.38 ID:dF7Rq4wd0.net

93 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/14(月) 22:08:19.50 ID:xJ9cfaZO0.net

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