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Akasaka: Yaguchi, from here on out, Gojira comes under US-led U.N jurisdiction. Post-war Japan is a tributary state.

Yaguchi: Post-war extends forever, huh? This is a bad choice.

Akasaka: "No matter how enormous Gojira is, I doubt it can withstand the million-degree heat of a nuke. As a method of extermination, it's our only viable option right now.

Yaguchi: My team and I are on the verge of a breakthrough, with our freezing method.

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Akasaka: There's still too many unknowns with that plan of yours. Besides, multiple-nations have pledged their support to assist us with a complete rebuilding effort, provided we sign on, of course.
Despite our best efforts, we can't destroy Gojira on our own. So if this nation is to survive, we have no choice but to put our fate in the UN's hands.
You have to understand... I have to look ahead, and think about what's best for our post-Gojira Japan.

Yaguchi: Damage is limited to just three wards, but if we allow the strike, if it happens, that number will multiply.

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Akasaka: The city's economy is currently in a free-fall. Bonds and stocks are plummeting and if we cant to put a stop to this soon, the nation will go into default on all of its loans.
For that reason, Japan needs international funding in order to survive.

Yaguchi: So scrap-and-rebuild, huh?

Akasaka: To save Japan, there isn't any other way. Yaguchi, this is the reality. All else is just a dream.

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>we cant to put a stop

we can't put a stop to の間違い

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A: But, 3.6 million people? That's insane! We don't have the manpower for a job that size!

B: What about the millions more in neighboring prefectures? What are we doing about them!?

C: The governor protests the sacrifice of Tokyo.

Akasaka: Look, this is a national decision, not a municipal one, got it?

D: But sir, relocating that many people in two weeks is impossible. We can't do it.

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Akasaka: For the sake of all those people's lives, you have to. The moment Gojira stirs, the strike is gonna be moved up and we don't want people here when that happens.
Regardless of collateral damage, a thermonuclear missile will be launched from a sub at that time, as per the coalition's decision.

A: Ridiculous! It's easy for them say with us in far-off Asia!

Akasaka: They told me they'd do the same, if Gojira would've surfaced in New York.

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>It's easy for them say with

It's easy for them to say with

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Wait, hold your fire!

Why aren't they firing?

We just spotted a few civilians near the line of fire.

Civvies present. Can we fire!?
Can we fire, if civilians are present!?
So do we wait!? Or do we fire!?

Civilians present. So do we proceed or abort?

Sir, your answer! We need it! Now sir!

Abort, call it off! Do it now! We must protect civilians!

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カヨコ: I'm not really supposed to be sharing this info, but the Defense Secretary wants to use a warhead against Godzilla.

矢口: What'd the White House say?

カヨコ: "Yes." Because there's now a 13 percent chance of Godzilla landing on the West Coast. The UN's ready to move too, and the Security Council has set up a multi-national strike force.

矢口: The US is serious.

カヨコ: Afraid so.

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カヨコ: They said that to end the threat of Godzilla, a nuclear missile is the only weapon that could kill it. The missile they're going use is the B83, which is 75 times stronger than the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

矢口: They're dropping that on Tokyo?

カヨコ: Well, I was ordered to evacuate.

矢口: I see... So it's highly likely, isn't it?

カヨコ: Yes.

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泉: Sir, I'm happy to announce that we managed to iron out the last kinks in the Yaguchi plan. We ask your approval to deploy it.

里美総理: I'm sorry, Izumi, but the UN resolution is already passed.

泉: Some say the US seeks a quick resolution for one primary reason, and that's to bury their knowledge of Godzilla.

里美総理: Of course, and we already know that. And you know the condition that our country is in.

泉: (With) All due respect, Why let other nations blow our country up when we could save it?

里美総理: What you are saying is... the fate of our country, it would be best guided by our own hands.

赤坂: Perhaps, it's time that Japan did as it pleased.

里美総理: Yes, you're right... So my stamp, where do I affix it?

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矢口: Joint strategy, huh?

カヨコ; Our country can raise the chance of success by partnering up.

矢口; The US will give my plan a shot? Gotta admit I'm surprised.

カヨコ: Well, it helps to have me as a friend. Whatever you need I can get, whether it's vehicles or technology, even drones if you need them. So, what do you say?

矢口; I'm in. But there is no guarantee of them coming back in one piece.

カヨコ: Off course. I'll bill the Japanese government later.

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ん、自分でとは? ボランティアかってこと?

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>カヨコ: The UN's ready to move too, and the Security Council has set up a multi-national strike force.


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郡山危機管理監: This residence is directly in Gojira's path, sir. And since the SDF failed to stop this thing, the US military might fail, too.

大河内総理: You are saying... that we should evacuate!?

郡山危機管理監: Yes! Both you and the entire cabinet. For the nation to function, you need to leave for the secondary facility in Tachikawa quickly!

大河内総理: Just as the US strike is about to begin!? No, I have a duty... to stay and monitor its execution! And besides that, I can't abandon the citizens here!

矢口: You must leave. Remember you have an entire nation to protect but you can't do that if you are dead, sir. So please evacuate!

東官房長官: Tokyo City Hall is still functioning, so for right now, please let the governor take charge.

大河内総理: Very well.

職員: Sir, two choppers will be on the roof.

矢口: My group will travel there by car.

東官房長官: OK, get going. I'm sure it'll take some time. Traffic is going to be murder. We'll see you there.

矢口: Right. We'll get moving.

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A: It was ashore for what, maybe two hours? And it did all this?

矢口: No. We did wasting time with our response. It's our fault.

金井防災大臣:We didn't know what it could do. It surprised us.

赤坂: Everyone did their best in the circumstances. So don't be so damn smug.

職員: It's time to speak to the Press Minister Kanai. This way please.

金井防災大臣: ... OK.

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カヨコ: I need someone within the government that I can work with. I'm familiar with your record and your interesting history so the most obvious choice is you. Don't you think?

矢口: Well, I'm honored but, Hideki Akasaka would be a better choice.

カヨコ: Ha, Thanks. But he turned me down already. All I need is a favor that won't stain my record. I want you to find someone for me.

矢口: And who might that be.

カヨコ: A man who foresaw the coming of that creature many years before it ravaged your country. Are you interested? We know he landed in Narita 7 days ago.
「あの生物の到来を予見していた人物よ。あれがあなたの国を破壊する以前からね。興味ある? 彼が7日前に成田に降り立ったことは把握している」

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矢口: Goro Maki... Japanese, former professor.

カヨコ: I hear that your intelligence agency is... first-rate.

矢口: And what's in it for us?

カヨコ: Ah, Give us Goro Maki and we'll give you all the intel we have on your creature. But listen, let's keep this up bilateral, OK? Just US-Japan, so win-win.

矢口: Understood. Let's get to it.

カヨコ: Thank you. Ugh! I rushed to Yokota straight from a party, so I didn't have time to change. Where's the ZARA?

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矢口: Yes. Yaguchi.

カヨコ: It's me. I'm arriving in five minutes. Secure a meeting with the acting prime minister.


里見総理: So, then you wish to provide us with something to assist in our fight, is that correct?

カヨコ: Yes. There is a movement centered on China and Russia, to take Godzilla from under the control of the Japanese government and put it under the control of international organizations.
Many countries are aligned with that opinion, too.
However, as for the US government, we strongly hope that Japan and the US can perfectly control Godzilla together.

赤坂: Okay. From the government's point of view, it is for that reason that we would agree to a 2-plus-2 cooperation.
However, as army experts will remain as the backbone of the government, we have to respectfully decline your offer to remain at the center of decision-making.
In place of that, we will...

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>>28 なんかは完全にオリジナル通り、字幕通りです。


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モロ諸岡: A search at a time like this?

古田新太: It's for Rando Yaguchi. I owe his father a debt, great one. Use as many agents as you need. This is the subject's profile.

モロ諸岡: A professor who's expelled from his university and left Japan as a result. Although a biologist, he ended up working for an energy firm in the US, interesting guy. Is this a Red Notice?

古田新太: No, you just need to locate him. Once he's found, the NSA or CIA, they'll move in. And discreetly, I hear.

※Although a biologist, 
although節の主語と、主節の主語が同じ場合、<主語+be動詞>は省略できる。分詞構文に分かりやすく接続詞を付けたものいう解釈もある。Although (he was) a biologist, he ended up working...

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新人記者: Well well, Defensive operations lean heavily on Kanto.
「おやおや、防衛作戦は関東に重くもたれかかってますね (大きく偏ってますね)」

ベテラン記者: I knew the metro area would take top priority. Yep, (It) Sounds like a fifth floor order.

新人: But why Kanto, and not the other regions?

ベテラン: Well, you see, in regards to the other regions, at least in terms of the GNP, they make up 17% of the total. But Kanto, on the other hand, it makes up a whopping 40% of it. Gotta admit that sounds like a real prudent strategy to me.

新人: I'd hate to make that decision.

(※ 『らしい』の捉え方が間違っている気がする。『どうやら〜らしい』なのか『いかにも〜らしい』なのか)
a real prudent strategy の real は(reallyの代用の副詞)


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矢口; My name is Rando Yaguchi. Thank you all for coming here. This operation will be an informal one. Titles and seniority don't mean anything here. And you could speak freely.

森厚労相課長: Well, that's it. I'm nominally in charge and we're relying you, a crack team of loan wolves, nerds, troublemakers, academic heretics, freaks, and general pains in the butt of the bureaucracy.
We need your expertise. So let's have it. Here are the basic specs we have on the creature, so find out *what you can. (*what=anything that)

武雄国交相政策審議官: This is all?

森: Yeah, that's all. We have to fill in the blanks for the rest. (If) you have any info whatsoever, share it.

矢口: Yes, since yesterday's so-called experts, they were too baffled to conclude anything, and then people died as a result.

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間準教授: This is a simple profile I put together. It shows the three mutations we've seen so far, and I believe that more are coming.

志村: What is this thing?

安田文科相課長: Um.. well, we're analyzing the sample of its body fluid at our lab to find out.

尾頭課長補佐: If you pass some samples on to me, I can get us outside help.

安田: Yeah, I'd love to do that, but the US took everything we had left

袖原: As for the on-site remains, they're currently being burned because of the stench.

小松原外務省局長: Yeah, I heard. And at the insistence of the Americans.

尾頭: Then we leave the analysis to you.

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森: OK. What about its behavioral biology?

安田: Well, behaviorally, all that it's done so far is move, so we can't determine intellect.

間: Based on that fact, I think that communication with it is unlikely.

立川エネ庁課長: One simple question. What's this thing's energy source?

安田: It's big. So huge that it would need an enormous amount of energy not just to move but also metabolically. But at that size, oxygen conversion in its digestive tract just wouldn't be enough.

尾頭: Maybe the answer......... is nuclear fission...

安田: Aha! Sense of humor, Ms Ogashira? ahem... That's impossible.
「あはっ、ユーモアのセンスですか、尾頭さん? ゴホン、あり得ませんよ」

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>we're relying you,

we're relying on you, の間違い

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>loan wolves

lone wolves の間違い。

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早船: Goro Maki? An ex-biology professor (at) Johan U, huh?

志村: Find out all that you can about this guy. Do so and you'll get an exclusive when the time's right to go to print. That's promise. (I) Hope that's enticing enough.

早船: Yep, sure is.


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矢口: 60 years ago... So this is all about unregulated dumping of radioactive materials.....

  : Don't tell me. Gojira fed on these?

カヨコ: Yes. That's the DOE's conclusion.

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カヨコ: They sent requests to various institutions to analyze what exactly had been held in those containers. Goro Maki was on staff at one who responded.
According to him, this thing wasn't just an ancient species of marine life, but now, one also surrounded by radioactive waste.
Exposure didn't kill this creature, but mutated it into an entirely new life form. And THAT is his Gojira theory.

尾頭: But it's continuing to mutate, since its body lengthened and changed after it came ashore. ※

カヨコ: Yes! It can somehow mutate itself to live both on land and sea. Ahh! I have to admit its capabilities far surpass anything I could ever imagine. This is all the information at my disposal.
「イエス! あれはどうにかして自身を陸ででも海ででも生きられるように変異させた。認めたくはないけれども、あれの能力は私の想像を遥かに上回っている。これが私が自由にできる情報のすべて」

カヨコ: What comes next.... Personal service!
「ここからは (次にやってくるのは)・・・・パーソナルサービス!」

sinceは、ほとんどの場合、完了形(has been continuing..)と共に用い、第3形態からゴジラが変異しているかはまだはっきりしていないので、とりあえず「理由」の意味で解釈。

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>That's promise.

That's a promise. の間違い。

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担当員A: So, they wanna use weapons?

担当員B: Correct. Article 76 says in an armed attack, Self Defense troops are allowed to use force.

担当員C: But, this doesn't qualify as an armed attack. And to be accurate, Article 76 stipulates "by an aggressor country or equivalent force," not some monster.

担当員D: We don't have time to argue over semantics. Only the SDF is equipped to respond.

担当員A: This request, it means soldiers engaging in urban combat.

担当員E: That's certainly going to give the Prime Minister pause.


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矢口: All due respect, but we need a response with a two-pronged approach, military force and citizen evacuation. I also urge you to declare a state of emergency.

赤坂: Right now, it appears that we only have one option. And that's mobilization for defense, off course. But we can only do that on your orders, sir.

大河内総理: You're talking... about a declaration with no precedent. We'd be... mobilizing the country for war.

郡山危機管理監: What's more, the police are still evacuating thousands of people. If we launch a military strike, there's a high likelihood of collateral damage in terms of casualties.

大河内: I don't... want that.

国平外務大臣: The US forces are here. Can't we get them to kill this beast under the security-treaty?

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花守防衛大臣: No, our government and SDF, we have to move first here. Even under the treaty, the US can only provide support.

菊川環境大臣: We're facing a living organism. And an unknown one, so aggravating it might lead to more damage.

赤坂: It IS an organism. That means we can stop the thing in its tracks. And unlike an earthquake or a typhoon, we CAN halt its progress.

矢口: Lives, sir, that should be our top priority.

東官房長官: Sir, I know this must be a difficult decision, but to prevent further calamity, your authorization is needed, NOW.

大河内: Wait, right this instant?! You're serious?!
「待て、今ここで?! 本気か?!」

東: Time is wasting. Your answer!

※Time is wasting. のwasteは自動詞で「無駄に使われる、浪費される、減っていく」の意味。

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はいり: Care for some tea, sir?

矢口; Yes, thanks so much.

志村: Thank you, ma'am.

矢口: Hey, we need a break.

一同: Yeah.
  : OK.
  : All right.
  : Got it.

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志村: I see everyone voluntarily doing whatever they can. They haven't gone home to rest even though they've all been urged to. There are some staff members who've actually brought in hot meals for everybody that's here. It's very inspiring.

津秋秘書官: No jurisdictional infighting, no arguments between ministries, just people working together for the common good.

檜山秘書官: And not just staff, either. There's a lot of outsiders who volunteer their time, too.

矢口: Yeah, you're right. There's hope for this country. That there is.*

志村: Just one question though. When was the last time you changed that shirt?

矢口: hmm?

尾頭: To be honest, your shirt smells pretty rank.
「正直、あなたのシャツはかなりにおいます」(smell C『Cの臭いがする』rank『(形)ひどい、悪臭のする』)

矢口: Really?

尾頭: A shower and a change of clothes wouldn't hurt.

* There is that.「その通りだ」という表現の that を強調の為に前に持ってきたもの?

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志村: Yagachi! Gojira resurfaced in Sagami bay! And it's coming ashore!

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>Off course

Of course の間違い。

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矢口: Once the coagulant has been administered as strategized, the blood will freeze and render the creature immobile as a result... Wordy, I know.

財前統合幕僚長: You have a name for this plan?

矢口: "Yashiori," after the legendary SAKE, that felled the hydra.

財前: Very well. We'll run this up in five phases. Akasaka worked out the details.

石倉陸上幕僚長: Requested vehicles have all been prepped, plus explosives drills have been conducted, and quite successfully, I might add.

山岡東部方面総監: Forces are execution-ready.

矢口: I owe you thanks.
「ありがとうございます」(owe OO『O(人)にOを当然行うべきである、O(人)にOの借りがある』の第4文型)

財前: No, you don't. It's our job.
「いえ、仕事ですから」(→ No, you don't (owe us any) thanks.『いいえ、あなたは我々に感謝する必要はありません』)


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在日米軍横田基地内・司令室 窓際にたたずむ3人のおっさん

アナウンス: A charter home will be leaving in an hour. All remaining staff, prepare to leave immediately.

カートランド米軍大佐: The start time for the nuclear strike against Godzilla has been decided. Countdown will begin in 5 minutes.

ペイン在日米軍司令官: So, it's too late to turn back now.
「もはや中断はあり得ないか (今となっては引き返すには遅すぎる)」

ランシング駐日米大使: Japan has been given a 2-week grace period in order to... evacuate remaining residents. That may seem long for the Allied Forces, but it's too short for Japan.

a charter home「本国へのチャーター機」(このhomeは副詞とされているが、日本語に訳すときは形容詞的に訳すとうまくいく。ただし形容詞だからと本当に名詞の前に持って来ると意味が変わるので注意)
in 5 minutes「5分後に」
a grace period「猶予期間」
the Allied Forces「多国籍軍、連合軍」
seem C「Cのように思われる」seem long「長いように思われる」

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カスリー米国政府高官: France has petitioned to interrupt the countdown. China and Russia are opposed, but we're maintaining silence.

カヨコ: That's because *it isn't just hardliners at the nucleus of Washington and the Pentagon.

カスリー: Japan has grown up enough to have international trade deals on the sly. Danger is another opportunity for personal growth.

カヨコ: Our friends are progressing with an effective deep freeze plan. I think this country is betting on it.

カスリー: And you're raising that bet also I see.

カスリー: Nuclear weapons are a deterrent. I've been trying to advise Charles against it. But, it goes against the flow of the mainstream. And you and I must bear the risk of retaliation.
Me, I'm OK. But you, with your fastidious career and the Patterson name, mud will stick. And your dream of becoming President in your 40s will disappear.

カスリー: Hey, Kayoko. Good luck.

カヨコ: Yeah.

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* It isn't just hardliners (that/who are) at the nucleus of Washington and the Pentagon.と補って強調構文として捉える。会話ではしばしば<that/who + be動詞>が省略されることがある。
with your fastidious career..のwithは、後ろの節のstickと結びついて Mud will stick with 〜「泥が〜にくっついて離れない」
on the sly「こっそりと」
a nucleus「(集団の)中枢、中心」

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矢島統合幕僚副長: The Prime Minister has just ordered an attack. We've given unrestricted weapon use. With this directive, we must do whatever it takes... to prevent Gojira from reaching Tokyo.

高須情報部長: So plan B if it goes to Kanagawa?

山岡東部方面総監: Yes. We'll make Kawasak the primary battleground. Are we clear on that?

三木東部方面総監部幕僚長: Yes, sir. And the Tama river will be our absolute defense line. Let's go kill that thing!

do whatever(=anything that) it takes to do...「〜するために必要なことは何でもする、何がなんでも〜する」
it takes O to do...「〜するのにOを必要とする」このOを複合関係代名詞 whateverとして前に持ってきたのが、whatever it takes to do「〜するのに必要なあらゆること」になる。whateverはその中に先行詞を含んでいる。

make OC「OをCにする」make (Kawasaki) (the primary battleground)「川崎を主戦場にする」
go kill that thing (go to kill が元で 会話では go and kill 、さらに米国では go kill のように省略して言うことが多い。

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>We've given

We've been given の間違い。

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ご苦労様です つ 旦~~

( Care for some tea, sir?  つ C□~~ )

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赤坂: Yaguchi. Listen, you gonna have to toe the line on their decision. Don't stir things up, OK?

矢口: I just think that we should consider every possibility.

赤坂: You're a rebel. That's good. But the guy who got you here isn't one. Got it? Take my advice.
「やんちゃだな。いいことだ。だがここにお前を連れてきたお方はそうではない。わかったか? 忠告は聞いとけよ」

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大河内総理: So, what is.... this thing?

関口文科大臣: Giant unidentified life form, sir. That's what we are calling it for now, but.. um.. that name, it would more than likely change, since we are currently compiling a list of leading biologists and scientists to consult with on the subject.
Once done they'll come here for an emergency meeting to ascertain what this thing is and what we should call it.

大河内: We need to know now. Get them here.

関口: Right.

赤坂: Sir. Until these folks arrive, we should focus on something else. Our response.

大河内: Yes, of course.

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金井防災担当大臣: How do we respond to something that's unprecedented.

郡山内閣危機管理監: I think that the choices are obviously quite simple. We can do nothing, just let it go, capture it, try to exterminate it, or possibly even attempt to chase it off.

国平外務大臣: I vote for extermination.

葉山経産大臣: And I concur. Look at the cost incurred already with the tunnel. And the Haneda flight groundings. Plus if Tokyo Bay remains closed indefinitely, those costs are going to skyrocket, gentlemen.
河野総務大臣: I agree and vote to exterminate it.

金井: Me too. The sooner, the better. And you, Defense?

松本防衛省運用政策統括官: Uh... While it's true that we have prepared for a wildlife-based threat before, it was never with Self-Defese Forces using weapons in the bay. I vote no.

柳原国交大臣: Well, in that case, why blow it up? Can't we chase it off?
「まあ、そういうことならなぜ爆破するんだ。追い払うことはできないのか」(※blow upに誤解があるように思う)

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菊川環境大臣: If I may, we might wanna factor in the public's opinion as well. So you know, academics and environmentalists are raising a stink. And they are calling for its live capture as a new species.

金井: No, let's kill it. Few torpedoes won't hurt the bay.

花森防衛大臣: The use of weapons actually could, and that's why I'm advocating for (a) live capture instead.

関口: I do as well. I think capturing this thing is our best option at this point.

矢口: Go gather all the intel you can on the life form, any options for extermination, capture, and expulsion, and what those things might require.

平岡官房副長官補: Sorry, who are you addressing?

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大河内: Earlier in the day, Both the Aqua Line and Tama river tunnel sustained significant damage. We are currently tracking the creature responsible as it moves up the Nomi river.
We've yet to positively identify what sort animal it is, but we don't believe that it can come on land.
Even though it's unlikely, should it beach itself in the bay shallows, there is no need to fear. Our experts believe its own weight would crush it to death.
I repeat. there is no danger of the creature coming ashore. So please set your minds at ease. Thank you. That will be all.

壱岐秘書官: Sir, sorry to interrupt.

大河内: What!? It has!?

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responsible は後ろからthe creatureを修飾
have yet to do...「まだ〜していない」
should it beach itself, は if it should beach itself の ifを省略した際の倒置。
What!? it has (come ashore)!?

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大河内: Well, now what!? I was just proven a liar on TV!
「どうするんだ! テレビで嘘つきだと証明されちゃったぞ!」

安西秘書官: But sir, like Akasaka said you were only supposed to give verified info...

大河内: I wanted to reassure the public. How's that thing ashore!?

安西: We don't know. We posed that question to our experts and waiting to hear back.

大河内: To hell with them! We have to act!
「あんなやつらくそくらえだ! 行動を起こさなければ!」

pose a question to 人「人に質問を投げかける」

73 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/26(土) 02:31:47.38 ID:JF7p5nHD0.net
>what sort animal it is

what sort of animal it is の間違い。

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矢口: I get the feeling... Maki anticipated this. Maybe he saw the arrival of Gojira as a test. One for mankind, the world, and of course, Japan. This is "do as you please," include nuclear weapons?

カヨコ: Maybe so... Do as you please, right? You know... That's a pretty hard thing to do in this country.
「そうかもしれないわね。あなたの好きにしろ、でしょ? でも、この国で好きにするのはとても難しいことよ」

矢口: Yeah... If you are alone.

include は including の代わり?

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志村: Yaguchi. Are you sure you won't reconsider accompanying the front-line troops?

矢口: I have to be there because a political decision might be needed. And if so, I have to make it.

泉: It's still risky. Directing from the rear's safer. Don't you wanna be the PM in ten years?

矢口: If we were not able to pull this off, there may not be a country left by then. If I don't make it, there're lots of others who can take my place, such as you. You'll make a great leader.

  : You've kept me going through this. Thank you.

泉: Don't thank me. Thank Akasaka's mentoring.

矢口: Good luck.

泉: Thanks. Now, go save this country!


76 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/26(土) 21:49:50.50 ID:JF7p5nHD0.net
make a decision「決定する」
pull off O, pull O off「O(困難なこと)をやり遂げる」(Oが代名詞の場合はpull this offの語順になる)
You'll make a great leader. make C「C(ある職業など)になる、Cに向いている」

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Giant unidentified life formか・・・
するとこの戦いはGULF Warと呼ばれる事になるのか

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矢口; I'm so happy to see you all. Over half our team has returned to duty. Thank you. Our hearts are broken over all those we've lost. Let's do this for them. Honor their sacrifice. We're all hurting.
But I assure you... that together, we can and will prevail! For our country's sake. I ask you. Please pour your hearts and souls into completing our work. I beg you!

森: Well, let's get to it!

一同: Yes, sir!


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安田: After cross-referencing the field data with Tsukuba's, I believe we've discovered how Gojira plans to propagate. I'm sure of it. Rise(?)-abilities like these could rapidly colonize the entire world.
「現場のデータと筑波のデータを相互参照した結果、ゴジラがどのように繁殖する気か判明したと思われます。自信を持って言えます。こういった類の増殖(?)能力は世界中での急速な群生化を可能にします (世界全体を支配します)」

間: Its body can evolve, make itself smaller, or even... sprout wings capable of flight.

リヒター調査団長: Let's go.

米研究者A: And that will mark the end to(of) the human race.

米研究者B: Before that happens, using our nuclear wisdom is the only road to salvation for mankind.

mark the end to/of 〜「〜の終わりを告げる・示す」
(オリジナルは of、吹き替え版は to になっている。意味は同じ)

83 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/27(日) 20:48:47.58 ID:3M9IVCuE0.net
>Rise(?)-abilities like these could rapidly colonize the entire world.

Probability is like, these could rapidly colonize the entire world. の間違いかもしれない。

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壱岐秘書官: The vapor clouds' been spotted moving into Tama river!

金井大臣: What? moving?

柳原大臣: It's alive isn't it?

海保通信員: The creature's just off up Haneda Airport and Runway D. It appears to be entering the Tama river. Oh!

大門秘書官: We just got a report from Bayshore Expressway. It's flooding!

河野大臣: Damn! Not again.

関口大臣: Forget capturing it..

Sir, three experts have arrived. I suggest we go consult with them right now.

87 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/27(日) 23:13:50.19 ID:3M9IVCuE0.net

From the TV images, it's indiscernible... whether this thing could possibly be a relic dinosaur or from undiscovered whale species.

In my opinion, the creature is a heretofore unknown aquatic species. But I can't say for certain without an examination.

Since I don't know if this footage is legitimate, I can not say. If I commented on unverified evidence, I could lose my credibility as a biologist.

heretofore は「これまで」という副詞でunknownという形容詞を修飾

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尾頭: This creature, it appears to be serpentine with auxiliary ambulation. And even though it possesses gills, it also has legs just like a lungfish does.

矢口: If it has legs, then can it come on land?

尾頭: Yes, it's a possibility.

大河内: If it does, who stops it?

安西秘書官: Well, frankly, we haven't determined which agency it falls under yet, sir.

関口: Um.. One of our scientists says that he believes that the creature's fin-like feet would more than likely be crushed by the immense weight of its own body, so it coming ashore should be physiologically impossible.

尾頭: We can't be sure of that since we are dealing with an unknown animal.

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大河内: Is that so? Do you share this view as well?

菊川: Uh... I apologize for the deputy chief's lack of decorum, sir. But just as your experts have already concluded, I believe the creature coming on land is quite improbable.

大河内: I see.

東官房長官: Sir, regarding the damage to the tunnels, I'd like to humbly suggest that the sooner we hold an official press conference to calm the public, the better.

赤坂: But sir, I must stress this. Please be careful that you only give out information that's been verified thus far.

大河内: Let's do this. Please get my uniform ready.

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大使館員: There's an emergency call from Yokota Air Base. B2, Number 1 seems to have been downed!

ランシング駐日大使: But, there is no way! That's impossible!

カヨコ: Godzilla... Truly a god incarnate.

地上無線: The target is shooting some unidentified weapon from the front. Bomber 2 and bomber 3 will circle in from behind. Payback time.

機内無線: Roger. Payback.

92 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/28(月) 07:01:30.99 ID:qIBHBoOW0.net

>B2, Number 1 seems to have been downed!
seem「〜のようだ」と感じている現在よりも前の出来事を表すときは to have been ...とto不定詞は完了時制にする。
→It seems that B2, Number 1 was downed.

down は他動詞で「(飛行機)〜を撃ち落とす」
no way (可能性を打ち消して)「絶対にない、そんなことがあるか」
there is no way (that)「〜なんてあり得ない」
incarnate「(形) 具現化した (名詞の後に置く)」
some unidentified weapon (someは可算名詞の単数形につくと『ある〜、何らかの〜』の意味)
circle 「旋回する」in 「(副)中へ」
from behind 「背後から」(behind は副詞だが from はその目的語に名詞や代名詞のほかに副詞や前置詞つきの副詞句を取ることも多い)

>Bomber 2 & 3 will circle ...
の will は「命令」を表す will でこの発言は地上からの命令。

93 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/28(月) 07:07:08.21 ID:qIBHBoOW0.net


赤坂: We were down to just under an hour, which was far too close for comfort, but we wouldn't have even had that if the PM hadn't been able to convince France.


94 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/28(月) 07:08:11.54 ID:qIBHBoOW0.net

>We were down to just under an hour.

down to 「〜まで減って、〜まで減少して」
too close for comfort 「(危険などが) 近すぎて不安になる、怖くなるほど近くで」
The car got too close for comfort.「車が近づきすぎて危なかった」

>We wouldn't have even had that if the PM hadn't been able to convince France.
仮定法過去完了 「もし(あのとき)〜だったら」
If条件節の動詞 → <had + 過去分詞>
帰結節の動詞 → <(would/should/cold/might) + have + 過去分詞>

If the PM hadn't been able to convince France,「もし総理がフランスを説得できていなかったなら」
We wouldn't have (even) had that. 「それすら持てなかっただろう」
(that は under an hour という時間を指す代名詞)

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矢口: A US carrier is leaving port?

郡山危機管理監: Correct. We heard that Yokosuka city's radiation monitoring alert went off. That could be why.

矢口: Let me check. I'll call the Nuclear Regulation Authority.

根岸監視情報課長: I have orders not to go public about this just yet, but radiation levels in the metro area HAVE risen in the last day.

矢口: Could this be caused by a leak somewhere? Have you checked?

根岸: YES! My team inspected all of the nation's reactors and didn't find a leak at any of them.

96 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 05:00:49.10 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0.net
矢口: Then where is it coming from!?

安田: Ahhh!!!! Wahaaa! Oowaaahhh! This is impossible!
「ああっ!わああっ!ううあああっ! こんなんあり得ない!」

矢口: What!?

安田: Quick! Here, look at re##xrklxq@viex somehow!!!

尾頭: This data shows radiation spikes that match the path the creature took.

安田: Look at this! See!?

矢口: Miss. Ogashira was right after all.

安田: Sorry.

尾頭: This information has apparently already gone viral.

矢口: That isn't good. Contact the chief cabinet secretary.

97 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 05:01:53.89 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0.net
have orders to do something 「〜するように命じられている」
「〜しないように命じられている」場合は have orders not to do something
go public 「(情報などを)公表する」
in the last day 「ここ1日、(今から遡って1日)」

go C「C(悪い状態)になる」
go viral 「(ネットなどで情報が)急速に広まる」viral「(形)ウイルス性の」

98 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 05:03:15.89 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0.net

東官房長官: This will be trouble.

矢口: The PM needs to call a press conference right away, sir.

森戸官房副長官: Actually, I think we should hold off... unless you can absolutely prove that the creature is radioactive. This could set off a huge wave of panic.

赤坂: And it's not enough of a spike to warrant evacuation. We also don't have any legal grounds to implement one.

矢口: But still, we ARE dealing with elevated radiation. Please remember that.

東: You're right. We can't wait. I'll talk to the PM. You there, schedule a briefing with the PM in five minutes.


99 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 05:03:48.10 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0.net

call O 「O(会見など)を行う(ことを決める)」
hold off 「すぐにやらない」
set off O 「O(悪い状況など)を引き起こす」
enough このenoughは代名詞。enough of Aで「十分な量(数)のA」
warrant O「Oを正当化する、Oの十分な理由となる」
legal grounds「法律上の理由」

100 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 05:09:47.43 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0.net
大河内総理: Yes, President Ross, I understand. Thank you.

     : So many unilateral requests... Typically American.



101 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 21:24:47.01 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net

森厚労省課長: ugh!

矢口: This is what Goro Maki left behind?

カヨコ: Uh huh.

矢口: I can't make sense of it.

間准教授: This thing is not a molecular array. So how does it relate to Gojira?

カヨコ: Well, perhaps, it's an analytical table, one with structural layers. Even though Maki intentionally left out some final data in his original hypothesis, we now have the complete version we can study.

ヤグチ: We'd like to analyze that info. Can we do that?

カヨコ: Sure.

102 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 21:25:08.03 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net
カヨコ: I'm bad at Japanese honorifics, so can we be informal?

ヤグチ: In that case... Can you tell me *what it is that the US wants with Gojira, capture or kill?

カヨコ: That's for the president to decide. **Who is it that decides in your country?

*what it is that... whatを強調する強調構文の疑問形。tellの目的語になる間接疑問なので、what is it that ではなく what it is thatの語順。
**Who is it that ...? whoを強調する強調構文の疑問形。

103 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 21:34:08.80 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net

早船記者: Land prices are soaring in West Japan. Food is short. Kanto area's shops and businesses have all been shuttered. And the city is full of the unemployed.
The yen's plunged, of course. Investors are scared... humph.. except those profiting from it. People come in all forms, good and bad.

志村: So did you uncover anything?

早船: Of course I did. That is my job after all. I use it an article I'm hoping can be published... on the day prior to the bomb drop.

志村: So, new Gojira material. In exchange, we can control the announcement timing. how's that sound?

早船: It sounds... very good.

I use it in an article (which) I'm hoping can be published on the day prior to the bomb drop.

I use it in an article.
I'm hoping (that) the article can be published on the day prior to the bomb drop.
の2つを(省略された)関係代名詞でつなげた形 I'm hopingが挿入節になっている(=連鎖関係代名詞節)
この場合、I'm hoping thatのthatは省略される

104 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 21:40:25.40 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net

里見総理代理: We have no choice. Not with the way things are now. Tell them "yes."

松沢新総理秘書官: Certainly, we will act accordingly that way, President Ross.

里見: Sigh... Well, you heard it. It isn't the first time something crazy's been foisted on us.

片山臨時外務大臣: That's for certain. Ugh! But this goes too far!!

里見: I agree. Get the Chief Cabinet Secretary.

風越秘書官: Sir.

105 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 21:41:29.51 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net
里見: A resolution has just been passed by the United Nation Security Council, granting a US-led force to exterminate Gojira. As a party to that and participant, we must obey it and its tenets.
To do that, the PM needs to be vested with full powers so I can authorize... a nuclear strike.
(grant O to doの形は非標準だと思われる)

赤坂: Isn't there some other way? Think what the devastation will cause to Tokyo. (※よく聴き取れず)

里見: I never imagined... that I go down in history for something such as this.

106 :中村不二雄 :2017/08/29(火) 22:02:10.39 ID:gIyfYxKI0NIKU.net

107 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 23:27:15.64 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net
>granting a US-led force to exterminate Gojira

granting が letting だったら文法的にOKなんだけどやっぱりgrantingって言ってるんだよな。

108 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/29(火) 23:30:16.77 ID:Ptm2Pzhg0NIKU.net
いや、やっぱりlet は to不定詞じゃなかった。lettingじゃダメだ。

109 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/30(水) 21:50:19.87 ID:N37MjDHL0.net

内閣府官僚A: So the cabinet finally made a decision on the relief and recovery bill?

内閣府官僚B: If you thought that was an inter-agency nightmare waiting till the Gojira bill..

内閣府官僚C: I guarantee a lack of precedent's going to cloud orders. Now (I) bet you can expect a lot of passing the buck to happen, too.

pass the back「責任逃れをする、責任転嫁する」

110 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/30(水) 21:50:53.53 ID:N37MjDHL0.net

総務省官僚A: I can't believe it. The security bill passed so easily.

総務省官僚B: Foreign ministry muscle. And the US pressure, of course.

総務省官僚C: From what I've been told about that deal, the US wants to use its Gojira info as a diplomatic card.

総務省官僚A: Well, if that's the case, Let's pray that aide Akasaka can handle the White House

the security bill (安全保障法案とも受け取れる)
muscle は名詞で「圧力、影響力」
And the US pressure (And と Under の聞き分け注意)

111 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/30(水) 21:51:53.18 ID:N37MjDHL0.net

根岸監視情報課長: Based on all the analysis we've done, I can positively say that these gamma rays match no known elements whatsoever. It's unprecedented. uh, Gojira, is it? Its body is harboring new elements that are unknown to science.

赤坂: Well, this certainly explains why the US Department of Energy moved so quickly. Take this data with us. Call the PM.

秘書官: Right.

harbor O「Oを宿している、Oの住処となる」

112 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/30(水) 21:54:43.55 ID:N37MjDHL0.net
no 〜 whatsoever 「少しの〜もない」

113 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 00:02:02.45 ID:gnWRikIR0.net

郡山内閣危機管理監: Sir, we need to set up emergency disaster control headquarters now!

大河内:Then, do it.


東官房長官: This cabinet council meeting is now adjourn. Let's get to work.


澁澤首相秘書官: There's so much bureaucracy involved. Every reaction requires a meeting.

小高首相秘書官: Come on, don't knock red tape. It's the foundation of Democracy.

弓成内閣広報官: Why does there have to be so much for a press conference?

東官房長官: In the last few hours, we have set up (an) Emergency Disaster Control headquarters. Its sole purpose is to combat the giant unidentified life form that has come ashore.
We are crafting a full-scale response to secure citizen safety, and that includes coordinated evacuation with both Tokyo and federal government agencies. Evacuation instructions will be issued shortly for areas along the creature's path.

114 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 00:03:16.38 ID:gnWRikIR0.net
危機管理担当要員: The creature is currently headed to Shinagawa. We're clocking it at the seed of about 13 kilometers an hour.


菊川環境大臣: For something so big, it moves quite slowly.
「図体はでかいのに、ずいぶんと遅いな (でかい割にずいぶん遅く動くな)」

矢口: But it could still reach Tokyo in three hours at that pace.

関口文科大臣: Just imagine what that thing could do to the city.

河野総務大臣: Good god! The damage should be catastrophic!

金井防災大臣: Let's exterminate this thing, right now!

花森防衛大臣: Not in densely populated areas. We have to evacuate the citizens first.

郡山危機管理監: Have MIC and MLIT set up evacuation zones and transport.

115 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 00:04:04.12 ID:gnWRikIR0.net

職員: The PM's ordered us to conduct evacuation measures. Report to your stations!

小塚都知事: I thought the orders would've come much sooner.

田原副知事: I can't say I'm surprised. The first-responses manual doesn't cover this.

小塚: An evacuation due to a monster. What's more, an expedited one.

田原: We've never even drilled for this type of action before, sir. Plus a city-wide evacuation will more than likely cause a general panic.

川又副知事: There'll be mass gridlock with everyone trying to leave the city.

恩地警視総監: In that case, we'll make every effort to control the traffic.

116 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 00:04:59.14 ID:gnWRikIR0.net

アナウンス: Traffic signals are out of order. For your safety, please leave your vehicles and follow police and safety personnel instructions.

町内アナウンス: Attention, attention, A full evacuation of Shinagawa has been issued. All residents are required to evacuate the area immediately...

父親: Hon, hurry.
「ママ、急いで」(Hon は Honey)

母親: Eeeek!


小塚知事: At this rate, the city will be in ruins. Contact public safety. Get them on the horn now. Tell them we're requesting Self-Defense Forces to come exterminate that thing.

117 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 18:05:13.23 ID:gnWRikIR0.net

赤坂: I've got word about an assistant Deputy Chief to the US president. They're requesting a secret meeting with the PM.

矢口: They move fast, don't they?

赤坂: Yeah. He just left Yokota Air Base and is already en route to see the PM. Foreign Ministry is in an uproar of course. Oh, and the Deputy Chief's aide... had made a request and they're coming here to meet with you.

矢口: With me? (The) Why?

(U) word 「知らせ、伝言」
meet with somebody「〜と会談する」

118 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 21:50:03.49 ID:gnWRikIR0.net

矢口: I need information now, where is Gojira?

泉: It's inactive near Tokyo Station. And the reason for that, who knows why.

矢口: And radiation levels?

泉: The Nuclear Regulation Authority, they are out getting readings right now. They did inform me earlier that radiation is dripping from Gojira's mouth, but it's only trace amounts.

久松秘書: Gojira's radioactive plume blew out to sea. But contamination is still widespread.

矢口: So then the hardest hit areas aren't just inhabitable now, they are contaminated as well.

泉: Yeah. Conditions are about as dire as they can get. We are lacking manpower, materials, and even political infrastructure.

志村: They're all dead. The Prime Minister and the Chief Cabinet Secretary, everyone who was on the evac...

矢口: Don't go to pieces! We'll just make do with the few staff that's left!
「取り乱すな! 残った数少ない人員でなんとかするだけだろう!」

泉: Yaguchi. Calm down first, OK?

119 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 21:51:11.26 ID:gnWRikIR0.net
矢口: I'm sorry. Who's been made the acting PM?

ラジオ: The ruling party has just announced that Minister of Agriculture Yusuke Satomi has been named as acting Prime Minister. He will head the provisional emergency government that's been quickly set up.
And he stated that his first order of business will be to name a new cabinet to fill the political void.

120 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/08/31(木) 21:52:11.42 ID:gnWRikIR0.net
not just A but B as well 「Aだけでなく、Bも」
Conditions are as dire as conditions can get. →「状況は、状況が深刻になれる可能な限り深刻になっている」
get C 「C(形容詞)になる」get dire「深刻・悲惨になる」
go to pieces 「自制心を失う、取り乱す」
make do with 〜「〜で間に合わせる」
be named as 〜 「〜に任命される」(as の後の役職などは無冠詞でよい)

121 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 05:34:51.72 ID:4rLReMh/0.net
巨災対2 (ここの、話者をピボットにつないでいくカメラワークが面白い)

森: Thanks for the food.
安田: Yeah. Thank you.

森: Even with this new information the US agreed to share with us, I still think we can expect some gridlock.

安田: Yeah, Riken's report had impact, but in addition to that Gojira has eight times the amount of genetic info of humans.

根岸: It's literally gonna take us years to sequence all of that genetic material.

尾頭: I think we can agree Gojira is the most evolved creature this planet has ever seen.

122 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 05:35:17.57 ID:4rLReMh/0.net
間: Capable of self-mutation, to best fit to the environment that's in. That trumps human intelligence.

袖原: It's still mortal though. So it can be killed.

間: I sure hope so.

森: That is exactly what we're all here to find out, professor. Well, does anyone have any clues into its behavior?

安田: All it does is walk.

立川: One thing I don't understand, why did it return to Tokyo Bay?

間: That's it... For cooling.

123 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 05:37:08.86 ID:4rLReMh/0.net

間: Gojira has something akin to a nuclear reactor in its body, and its fins must serve as heat vents. And if that is indeed the case, then its blood more than likely serves as the body's cooling system!

安田: I get it. You're saying that it temporarily retrogressed to sea creature so it could adjust its body temperature after mutating, huh?

根岸: Maybe our only hope is to try and find a way to shut it down. Its internal cooling system, that is.

尾頭: Then not only would we need to force Gojira to shut off its internal reactor to stay alive, but also find a way to cool its blood down, and so much so that we can immobilize the creature.


124 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 05:37:37.98 ID:4rLReMh/0.net
町田: Just as a suggestion, what about administering blood coagulating drug?

矢口: Wait, is that even possible with Gojira upright?

袖原: We'll investigate a few practical methods. Perhaps a compression pump system like this.

竹尾: We, the Health Ministry, and METI will gather all the necessary coagulant and equipment that will be required for this op.

森: We're submitting this to the Prime Minister as the Yaguchi plan.

矢口: Understood. Name aside, Let's get to it.

一同: Sir.

125 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 09:22:49.14 ID:5W9W4pBfM.net
いつもありがとうm(_ _)m

126 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 21:13:27.79 ID:4rLReMh/0.net

127 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 21:19:04.89 ID:4rLReMh/0.net
矢口執務室 (さすが庵野の映画、展開が速い)

矢口: His last known whereabouts.

カヨコ: My grandmother's homeland certainly works fast.

矢口: Goro Maki is missing. His boat was found adrift a few days ago, but there was no trace of him. Miss Patterson, were you only looking for Goro Maki, or this as well?

カヨコ: Yeah, that too.

矢口: "Now do as you please, I did the same." His last words? Do you wanna confirm this?

カヨコ: No need. I trust you. This is in special ink, it can't be copied.

矢口: I'll just take photos then, to share with my team.

128 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 21:19:35.06 ID:4rLReMh/0.net
矢口: God...zilla?

カヨコ: That's right. It's the DOE's code name, "Godzilla." He gave it an english name.

矢口: Gojira... What does it mean?

志村: I found one link. On Odo island, where Maki's from, Gojira means "God incarnate."

カヨコ: A violent one. That's apparently why he put "God" in the name he gave it.

矢口: In japanese, the characters read "Gojira."

the character read "Gojira." ※この read は能動受動態と呼ばれ、能動形だがその意味は「〜と書かれている、〜と読まれる」という受動の意味を表す。
カヨコが he put "God" in the name と言う時に指2本を頭の両側でクイックイッとやるのはエア・クオートと呼ばれて、「"..."」 のちょんちょん(引用符)をジェスチャーで表している。quote O「Oを引用する」
the name he gave it (=the name which he gave it)「彼が付けた名前」
give it a name「それに名前をつける」の nameを先行詞としている。

129 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/01(金) 21:20:39.14 ID:4rLReMh/0.net

東官房長官: Gojira... you say?

赤坂: Who cares about its name at this point. That sounds ridiculous.

大河内総理: It's just as well the name originated in the US. At least now we know what to call it. Gojira.

女性アナウンサー: Just in and according to multiple sources, in regards to the giant creature, Gojira is the unofficial name by which the government is calling it.

it's just as well (that)...「〜というのは幸運・好都合なことだ、〜でよかった」

130 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 00:07:20.12 ID:TjmpiN490.net

赤坂: Good work.

  : Yaguchi, I've been told that the Satomi-cabinet will soon be resigning en masse.

矢口: All in line with your scenario, correct?

赤坂: (It) Wasn't mine. This was all Satomi's scenario.

矢口: ...!?

赤坂: The capital and the government are in shambles right now. It's a good opportunity to rebuild it right. And speaking of which, once the relief and reconstruction bills have been passed, the event that will happen afterwards... is the next election.
To resuscitate Japan and its 3.6 million refugees, we'll need a new leader and a new cabinet. This country was devastated before but it rose from the ashes. It'll do so again.
日本と、360万人の避難民を立ち直らせるためには、新たなリーダーと新たな内閣が必要だからな。この国はかつて荒廃させられたが、その絶望から這い上がった (灰の中から復活した)。また、同じことをするだけさ」

en masse 「ひとまとめに、一団となって」
in line with 〜 「〜に従って」
in (a) shambles 「めちゃめちゃな状態で」

131 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 00:16:23.78 ID:5IbKdW0Ax.net

132 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 00:34:06.60 ID:5IbKdW0Ax.net
>This country was devastated before but it rose from the ashes.


133 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 02:01:59.30 ID:TjmpiN490.net

外山恒一「有権者諸君! 私には、建設的な提案なんか1つもない。今はただ、スクラップ&スクラップ、すべてをぶちこわすことだ!」

134 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 02:03:40.40 ID:TjmpiN490.net

135 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 02:27:03.60 ID:5IbKdW0Ax.net
1. 古参住民がからかって遊んでる
2. 煽り耐性のない住民の脊髄反射
3. 荒しの自演



136 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 15:16:44.33 ID:3a5oH27M0.net

137 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 16:48:05.17 ID:TjmpiN490.net

記者: Moments ago, the Prime Minister declared a national state of emergency in response to the giant creature that has come ashore. He's also called for the first-ever mobilization of (the) Self-Defense Forces in this nation's history.
This makes it Japan's first military action since World War II. And when asked for justification, the Prime Minister referenced the terminology in Article 76.

call for 〜「〜を求める」
when asked for → when (he was) asked for (※<主語+be動詞>の省略。分詞構文に分かりやすくwhenを付けたものと解釈してもよい)

138 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 16:49:16.34 ID:TjmpiN490.net

大庭情報部長: Nerima first-division was dispatched at Tokyo's request.


浜田統幕運用部長: While this group has been tasked with guiding both rescue and evacuation efforts, I must stress that they're not equipped for battle.

石倉陸上幕僚長: I'd say attack helicopters would be our best offense. Contact Kisarazu base.

部下: Sir.

小澤航空幕僚長: Shall we deploy F-2s from Misawa base?
「三沢のF-2を配備しましょうか」 (※偉い人なのに格下扱いっぽい)

浜田: No, Any civilian casualties could destroy the SDF forever. So let's minimize fire power.
「ダメだ。少しでも民間人に死傷者が出た場合、自衛隊が永遠に消滅しかねない。使用武器は最小限に留めよう」 (※こっちの人の方がなんか偉そう)

北野海上幕僚長: But we still don't know this thing's strength. So I think we need to be prepared for anything in this case.

矢島統合幕僚副長: I agree. That's why I'm going to recommend an integrated three-force operation. Call the PM.

While this group の Whileは逆接「〜だけれども」

139 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 16:51:03.42 ID:TjmpiN490.net

花森防衛大臣: According to this plan, the joint-force will be led by the Eastern Army. The goal is "extermination".

財前統合幕僚長: The ground troops, they'll continue to evacuate all the citizens. With your permission, our rapid-response helicopters will attack the creature.

郡山危機管理監: Sir, It's very likely that some elderly and infirm people might still remain in the city.

大河内総理: That's why I can't make a decision without an inspection first.

赤坂: Unfortunately, under conditions like these, I'd say some collateral damage is unavoidable now.

東官房長官: Sir, I know this isn't easy for you, but we need a decision.

大河内: .... Understood.

140 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 16:51:43.46 ID:TjmpiN490.net

貝塚ヘリ隊長: This is a risky mission against an unknown enemy. But (Is) this group volunteer?

芦田小隊長: No, standard rotation. They said this is what they signed up for, sir.

芦田: Pirates! Good luck!

芦田(無線): Lifting off from Kisarazu at 13:08, ETA 13:20, over.
「木更津離陸 1308、現場到着予定時刻 1320、送れ」(※ETA=estimated time of arrival『到着予定時刻』)

141 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 16:52:47.73 ID:TjmpiN490.net

柳原: What a relief this is. That thing will be dead soon. I'm sure the choppers will make short work of it.

金井: Yeah. I bet we can turn its carcass into a big tourist attraction.

矢口: Sirs, Just as a reminder, the old Imperial Army thought like that. During the last war, their armchair theories led to the loss of 3 million Japanese lives. So beware of unfounded optimism.

make short work of 〜 「〜を手早く片付ける」
an armchair theory 「机上の空論」
unfounded 「根拠の無い」

142 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 16:54:00.31 ID:TjmpiN490.net

消防隊員A: Please watch your step! Remain calm!

消防隊員B: This way please! Pick up the pace!

小出恵介: Local evacuation centers are useless! Tell us where to send these people! Hurry!
「地域の避難センターでは役に立ちません! この人たちをどこへやるのか指示を請う。急いでくれ!」


危機管理担当要員: The creature's progression.... Somehow it suddenly stopped!

大河内: Stopped!? But, why now!?
「停止!? しかし、なぜ今!?」

矢口: Look... It's.. evolving...!

143 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 17:03:15.26 ID:TjmpiN490.net
> pass the back

pass the buck の間違い。

>the character read "Gojira." ※この read は能動受動態と呼ばれ

characters read の間違い。

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145 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 17:15:40.87 ID:TjmpiN490.net

146 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 18:01:33.27 ID:69bvu6rzx.net


台本では、芦田「気を付け! 敬礼!」ですね

147 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 18:27:10.33 ID:TjmpiN490.net


148 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/02(土) 19:20:42.96 ID:69bvu6rzx.net

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森: What!? They're going to use a thermonuclear missile!?
「えっ!? 熱核ミサイルを使う!?」

根岸: And drop that thing here!?

矢口: The government just gave the UN its sanction to do so.
「先ほど、政府が国連に対してそれを承認した」(give OO)

袖原: That's insane...

間: There's still so much we don't know. Gojira might even be immortal. We are faced with two choices, incinerate it with a nuke or freeze it with a drug.

安田: Yeah, I guess we do have two choices here... But, both are bad.

尾頭: Man is more frightening to me... than Gojira.

150 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/03(日) 00:56:35.31 ID:DCPXLIPR0.net
矢口: If we are to do something, we have to do it quickly! The UN will be giving time for evacuation. That's our window for finishing the freezing plan!
「我々が何かをやるつもりなのなら、急いでやらなくてはならない! 国連は避難する時間を与えるだろう。それが凍結プランを仕上げるために我々に残された時間だ!」

森: OK. We got good results on the coagulant. But, formulating it is one thing, producing it is another.

安田: To freeze all of Gojira's blood, we've estimated we'll need six hundred and seventy-two kiloliters of coagulant.

町田: I'm trying to secure facilities for that now.

小松原: What if we can't?

矢口: We have to do it!! Don't give up! Our country is depending on us all!
「しなくちゃならないんだよ!! あきらめるな! この国の運命は、俺たち次第なんだ!」

151 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/03(日) 00:58:31.52 ID:DCPXLIPR0.net

(U) sanction 「承認、認可」
be faced with 〜 「〜に直面している」 be faced with a choice 「選択を迫られている」
be to do には「〜するつもり」「〜すべきだ」「〜する予定だ」「〜できる」などの意味がある。
a window 「機会、限られた時間」
A is one thing, B is another (thing) 「AとBはまったく別物だ」

152 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/03(日) 01:09:55.87 ID:6lHhZgjwx.net
つ 支援射撃

153 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/04(月) 16:11:14.38 ID:nY59o0jT0.net

志村: So then, the Agricultural Minister... is now the Prime Minister because of the seniority? *That's who they chose? But why him?

泉: Well, I heard the job was foisted on him by the party secretary. Can you blame them? Who wants responsibility at a time like this?
「まあ、幹事長から押し付けられたらしい。彼らを責められるか? 誰がこんな時に責任を負いたいなんて思うよ」


風越秘書官: What should we do about the disturbing movement near Tsushima Island?

里見総理臨時代理: Well, I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. Can the Foreign Ministry act?

片山臨時外務大臣: We're still getting up and running right now, sir, but soon.

里見: Well, at any rate try to avoid any unforeseen surprises.

片山: Right. I'll let the ambassador know.

里見: Uh... noodles got soggy. I knew this job wasn't going to be easy, but come on.

154 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/04(月) 16:12:08.44 ID:nY59o0jT0.net
at a time like this 「こんなときに」
up and running 「(組織などが)うまくいって、順調で」
at any rate 「とにかく」
unforeseen 「思いもよらない、予期しなかった」

>*That's who they chose?
That is (the person) who they chose? の様に先行詞を補って考える。whoは<that + be動詞>の後では、That's whyや That's howのように、先行詞を含んだ関係代名詞として使うことができる。例: That's who I meant.

155 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/05(火) 16:19:03.23 ID:yFLIumUg0.net
本部員室 (ここはだいぶ発言内容が変わっているのでオリジナルと比べて欲しい)

泉: Yeah, that guy. He is a hard man to read.

矢口: Whoever the PM is, It's our job to keep the government afloat. We need emergency powers.

泉: I know. We're 30 kilometers from where Gojira's sleeping. Scary, huh?

矢口: I'm more concerned about something else right at the moment. The decisions that will be made to stop Gojira by the acting PM.

泉: You want his job?

矢口: Not right now. But maybe in ten years.

泉: (If) You have Japan still around then, you should run for office. I'll help you. In exchange for a nice cabinet position. ha ha ha..

156 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/05(火) 16:19:30.68 ID:yFLIumUg0.net
泉: Akasaka was in Yokota last night, so he survived. Every politician needs two things, strategy and luck. He has both and now he's Chief Cabinet Secretary. You could be more ambitious like him, you know.

 : But the Disaster Bureau is still a unique path for you. Just think about it. You're practically in charge of this group here.

矢口: No, I'm not. I'm here to take the fall if needed. Akasaka is a shrewd delegator. If anyone gets a career-boost from this, that person's going to be you.

泉: What exactly is wrong with that? If you don't like politicians, why did you become one?
「それの一体何が悪い? 政治家が嫌いなら、なぜ政治家になった?」

矢口: Because it's just friend or foe. It's simple. I like that.

津秋秘書官: Excuse me sir, Bureau members have arrived.

157 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/05(火) 16:20:30.82 ID:yFLIumUg0.net
>He is a hard man to read.
read は「(人の心のうちなど)を読み取る」の意味。
この to read というto不定詞が man を修飾する形容詞用法か、hard を修飾する副詞用法か文法書によって曖昧だが、辞書的にはこの to不定詞は hard を修飾する副詞用法に分類されている。
→ The man is hard to read. (形容詞 hard を修飾する副詞用法。readの意味上の目的語はthe man)

keep OC「OをCの状態に保つ」keep O afloat「Oを沈まないようにする、Oを成り立たせる」
have O around 「そばにOがある・いる」around自体にも「存在」の意味がある。
run for office 「(選挙に)立候補する」
take the fall 「罪をかぶる」

158 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/05(火) 23:48:29.52 ID:yFLIumUg0.net

貝塚ヘリ隊長無線: Attacker 1, this is CP. Over.
「アタッカー1、こちらCP、送れ」(※CP=Command Post=司令部)

芦田小隊長無線: Copy that, CP. Over.

貝塚: Head to holding are 2 to await further orders. Over.

芦田: Attacker 1, copy.

AH-1S射撃手: It's not like we were told!

芦田: CP, it's attacker 1. Target differs from (a) report. Nothing is much bigger now!

貝塚無線: Attacker 1, hold your position and await further instructions. Over.

159 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/05(火) 23:48:56.73 ID:yFLIumUg0.net

郡山危機管理監督: I was just informed that resident evacuation is complete.

財前統合幕僚長: Excellent. Minister, we're now ready to open fire.

花森防衛大臣: Understood. Well, sir, we'll fire at your command. Say the word.

大河内総理: Very well... Fire.


貝塚: Attacker 1, you have a green light from the PM. Commence fire on the creature. I repeat, Commence fire. Over.

芦田: Copy that, CP. Commencing fire.

  : Target in sight. Aim straight for the head! Ready, aim...


160 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/05(火) 23:50:15.22 ID:yFLIumUg0.net

貝塚ヘリ隊長無線: Attacker 1, abort and move to holding positions. Over.

芦田小隊長: Copy that, CP. Over.


危機管理担当要員: The creature's currently on the move again. It's breaking through the express way and it appears to be headed towards Tokyo Bay!

161 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 00:59:37.27 ID:znFF5Vcv0.net
All flights at Narita have been cancelled...
We have several reports of fire blazing out of control in Shinagawa...
The train ### verified that most train lines are still...
Meanwhile, pledges of support continued pouring from heads of states...
And more surprising, aid workers are said to be on their way here now...
Tokyo Stock Exchange will be open as usual today...
Barring the unforeseen events, the bullet train is operating shuttle service from Shin Yokohama...
Scientific envoys from France and other nation have arrive in an attempt to help the government ascertain exact nature of...
So the search zones have been expanded to cover much wider area. Officials are...
..claims total number of confirmed casualties to 100 at this hour, but rescue personnel are still continuing...

アナウンサー: ...have reportedly been put out. While government officials search for the creature, the Disaster Management Minister Kanai is leading an envoy to survey and assess the damage that it's caused.


162 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 07:03:19.26 ID:t+rb0EM60.net
本部海保無線: We just spotted a pleasure craft drifting offshore of Haneda. Recon and intercept. Over.

はまなみ通信士: Roger that.

海保隊員A: We got the vessel in sight. From here there's no apparent hull damage. She's called the GloryMaru. Requesting owner information now. In the meantime, we're going aboard.

海保隊員A: We're now on board.

海保隊員B: Hello? Anyone here?

海保隊員C: There's no one on the flying deck.

海保隊員A: No sign of life. Just some personal effects. No traces of an incident. Maybe a fall overboard? (The) Vessel is vacant. We'll prepare a tow. Ugh!
「人の気配はない。ただいくつか個人的な所持品があるだけだ。事件性はなさそうだ。おそらく海中転落か? 船は無人だ。曳航(けん引)の準備をする。うゎっ!」


助手席女: Uh..
運転席男: Wow wow wow wow hey! Stop!
男: Ugh!
女: Ahhh!

163 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 07:04:37.31 ID:t+rb0EM60.net

志村: Here's all the info we have so far. That eruption caused the leak in the Aqua-Line. As a result, water is pouring into the auto lanes. A liaison office has already been set up, and an emergency order issued.

矢口: And where's the PM?

志村: He's arriving in twenty-eight minutes.

矢口: We need intel... downstairs.

志村: Right.

>A liaison office has already been set up, and an emergency order (has been) issued.
and の後、共通部分の省略が起きる。

164 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 07:07:20.22 ID:t+rb0EM60.net

担当要員: First report confirmed at about 8:30 A.M. A leak occurred in the Tokyo Aqua-Line tunnel near the 2.5 kilo marker.
Sea water entered from a fissure in the tunnel ceiling and several vehicles were involved in and damaged by the flood. Emergency crews are currently on the sea.

矢口: ..up taking as you get info. (よく聴き取れず)
志村: Right.

担当要員: Hamanami Coast Guard efforts are being stymied by the steam cloud that's in the bay.

担当要員: The Aqua-Line is still closed both ways and safety alerts have been issued throughout the region.

165 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 07:08:17.05 ID:t+rb0EM60.net
矢口: Status report, Mr. Koriyama.

郡山危機管理監: We have a total of five confirmed collisions in the tunnel so far.

矢口: Was it an earthquake that caused the flooding?

沖気象庁次長: We're awaiting seismic readings.

矢口: Could it be related to that strange sea eruption?

郡山: We don't know that, not yet, at least.

担当要員: We've got aerials!

志村: An underwater volcanic eruption, maybe?

矢口: If so, it's a strange one.

166 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 07:10:03.31 ID:t+rb0EM60.net
海保ヘリ通信員: Coast Guard 691, reporting continued steam eruptions in the bay. Undersea visibility is currently zero because of all that churning water.

郡山危機管理監: When the PM arrives, I'm suggesting a unified initial response. We'll need to reorganize.

オペセンA: FDMA disaster task force is currently assembling.
「 現在、消防庁災害対策本部を設置中です」

危機管理担当員: Third Regional Coast Guard HQ has sealed the bay. As of now there is no sea or air access to the area.

危機管理担当員: A coastal evacuation advisory has been issued to the public.

167 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/06(水) 18:12:33.84 ID:t+rb0EM60.net
> holding are 2

holding area 2 の間違い

>France and other nation

France and other nations の間違い

168 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/07(木) 00:12:38.06 ID:uTsJQ4iA0.net
総理執務室 一夜明けて

花森防衛大臣: We believe the creature more than likely submerged itself somewhere on the sea floor off Kanaya.

財前統合幕僚長: So then, we step upped patrols, and strengthened our surveillance around Chiba and Sagami Bay as well. But if that thing's hiding somewhere in the Sagami trough, Detections are a moot point.

大河内総理: Who knows when or where that damn thing will emerge next? How are the preparations coming along?

more than likely 「きっと、ほぼ間違いなく」
a moot point 「(議論の余地のある)問題点」
Who knows ... 「分かるはずもない、見当もつかない」
come along 「(進行形で)上手く進む」
How is S coming along? 「Sの調子はどうですか」

169 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/07(木) 00:13:20.38 ID:uTsJQ4iA0.net

三木東部方面総監部幕僚長: A rapid land strategy at water edge won't be easy. I suggest multiple plans.

山岡東部方面総監: I agree. So get to work devising. I wanna see numerous ones for a landing point encounter and expeditionary pursuit.

鮫島防衛部長: Right, sir. I'll get on them. And they will include a number of different artillery, tank and F-2 scenarios.

get to work (on) devising と補って考える。前置詞が省略されるとdevisingという動名詞は現在分詞として扱われる。
devise O「Oを考案する、案出する」

170 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/07(木) 00:14:18.56 ID:uTsJQ4iA0.net
矢口執務室 泉は料亭 (電話で)

矢口: That's right. And in fact, they've even set up a special response team in the PM residence.

泉: You don't say! I also heard you were appointed as bureau chief. Well, look at you! You're big-time.

矢口: But I still need to pick the team. Can you do that for me?

泉: Of course I can. I'll bring people who speak their minds to the PM.

矢口: Good. I'll need them.


立川エネ庁課長: I'm Tachikawa.

竹尾国交省政策審議官: I'm Takeo.

職員: Ready? Lift!


171 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/07(木) 00:14:52.53 ID:uTsJQ4iA0.net
You don's say! 「(1)知ってるよ、そうらしいな/(2)へえ、それはすごい」
be appointed as C 「Cに任命される」この意味の as「〜として」の後の役職名は無冠詞でよい)
big-time 「(形)一流の、最高の、大物の」
pick a team 「チームのメンバーを選ぶ」

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173 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/07(木) 16:55:01.94 ID:uTsJQ4iA0.net

174 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/07(木) 23:36:04.28 ID:TsnypvDex.net
“deploy”は輸入ボードwar gameでもよくでてくるね

175 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 01:08:52.86 ID:USy24cQk0.net

ドイツ・バーグヘッド研究所 (ドイツ訛りでちょっと苦しい)

事務職: A call from Japan. They're requesting parallel computing on info about Gojira creature.

研究者: Don't be sympathetic. But there is no way we can do that since ours are a closed system, and a proprietary one is that. We just can't risk our data being stolen.

女性研究所長: Oh, come. Don't be like that. Have some trust in your fellow man for once, right? Please tell them that our answer is "Yes." We'd be happy to help them.
「まあまあ、そんなことは言わないで。一度くらい人間を信用しましょう。ね? 私たちの答えは「イエス」だと伝えて。喜んで協力すると」

one's fellow man 「(仲間としての)人間、同胞、隣人」

176 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 01:46:29.36 ID:QU92wasAx.net
“Langsam, langsam.
Lassen Sie uns den Japanern veatrauen.
Sagen Sie ihnen, das wir sie gerne unterstutzen” (ただし最後のuはウムラウト

lassen sie uns 「〜てみましょう」
japanern “japaner”の与格複数形

「いえ ここは人間を信じましょう


177 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 07:44:07.25 ID:USy24cQk0.net



178 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 07:47:10.33 ID:USy24cQk0.net
里見総理(吹き替え): What they ask... That we somehow evacuate millions of people from their homes... is far easier said than done.

(字幕): Evacuation means uprooting people from their beloved homes. Don't make it sound so easy.


泉: I agree.

uproot O「Oを根こそぎにする、Oを無理に離れさせる」

179 :176 :2017/09/08(金) 08:05:02.27 ID:nNguLx48x.net

ちなみに参照したのは1972版 GEM 独和/和独@三省堂

180 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 08:05:26.82 ID:USy24cQk0.net

東官房長官: Kayoco Anne Patterson... She is very young.

赤坂: America admirably values performance over age. And she's Senator Patterson's daughter.

東: Ah, the shaman(?) behind the Kern Agreement. Formidable. A mixture of talent, pedigree, and coattail-riding huh? I suspect she's not really your type.

赤坂: humph.. No. Since she uses her father's connections in such an unabashed way, she is the political type. Like Yaguchi.

shaman を「霊能力を持つ指導者」の意味から使っている? 聞き違いかも。
coattail 「(燕尾服などの)後ろすそ」から「(有力人物の)力、影響力」の意味。
on somebody's coattails 「人に便乗して(うまくやる」「人の後ろ盾で(うまくやる)」
coattail-riding 「coattailに乗ること」→「(誰かの)影響力に便乗すること」
unabashed 「物怖じしない、平然とした」

※赤坂の言う No.「いえ」は日本語では「タイプですよ」とも「タイプじゃないですよ」のどちらにも取れるが、
英語ではNo, she's not my type.「その通り、タイプじゃありません」を意味するはず。そうなると赤坂は矢口も嫌いということになってしまう。

181 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 08:19:56.72 ID:nNguLx48x.net

182 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 08:49:37.09 ID:kf0d4de3M.net

183 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 11:15:48.60 ID:+Ju5Jt5mx.net

184 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 20:23:02.12 ID:USy24cQk0.net
langsam は形容詞だけでなく、副詞もあるようなので、

your type という場合、「(あなたの)好みのタイプである」という意味でよく使われるんだけれども、


185 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 20:24:06.62 ID:USy24cQk0.net

大門秘書官: The Prime Minister.
「総理です (入ります)」

防衛省リエゾン: On its current route, Gojira is moving towards Kamariya.

柳原大臣: Wait. Am I crazy or has it gotten bigger?
「ちょっと待て、なんかでかくなってないか? (『俺の頭がどうかしたのか、それともあれが大きくなったのかどっちだ?』が直訳)」

金井大臣: Yes, and beyond expectation.

葉山大臣: Both its face and body look different.

矢口: Yes, its size has nearly doubled. Gojira's evolved. And into its fourth form!


186 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 20:24:33.20 ID:USy24cQk0.net
関口大臣: Oh no, this is going to be disastrous.

庵野: Attention. Citizen's are to take refuge indoors immediately! This area is now under official curfew and streets must be cleared.
女性アナウンス: Attention, you're in designated evacuation zone and you must leave the area now. Please proceed...

防衛省リエゾン: Gojira is currently projected to reach Tokyo in three hours.

佃大臣: Why the hell is it coming here!?

187 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 20:25:48.16 ID:USy24cQk0.net
葉山大臣: An armed assault on its body has potential risks, namely the release of radioactive materials into the surrounding region. So preventing it from reaching the metro area, that must be our top priority, in my opinion.

河野大臣: I hear this thing lives on radioactive material. If this Gojira were to attack a nuclear facility, the disaster would be far worse. Sir, we must stop it, and stop it now.

国平大臣: That's right. And also because we don't, we'll be viewed overseas as timid.

大河内: How was your Yaguchi plan coming along?

矢口: Regrettably, it's not ready yet.

188 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 20:26:14.66 ID:USy24cQk0.net
花森大臣: All you have to do is give the order and the SDF will do its job.

東官房長官: The state of emergency is still in effect. So the only one who can order and attack is you, and you alone.

赤坂: Well, sir?

大河内: I know. Commence attack!

花森: Right away, sir. Contact command.
「今すぐに (分かりました)。総理。司令部に連絡を」

財前統合幕僚長: Right.


189 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 20:27:11.37 ID:USy24cQk0.net
be viewed as timid 「弱腰と見られる」の中に副詞の overseas「海外で」が挟み込まれている
How is S coming along? 「Sの調子はどうですか」

All you have to do is do...「あなたは〜しさえすればいい」is の後の動詞はto不定詞ではなく、原形不定詞で良い。

190 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 21:00:33.87 ID:USy24cQk0.net
三沢Ground: Taxi to holding point B1. Runway one zero.

F-2: Runway one zero, cleared for takeoff.

戸川ヘリ隊長: Attack formation report five miles west.

アパッチ第3小隊長: P03・04(zero three zero four) now embarking from Tachikawa.

通信員A: Tanks and artillery have been deployed to Maruko Bridge.

通信員B: Roger. Ready attack positions.

花森大臣: Please let this work.
「頼んだわよ (うまくいってよ)」

191 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 21:02:09.02 ID:USy24cQk0.net

通信員C: Eight minutes to contact with target.

1等陸士: We're really engaging in live fire?

陸士長: Just relax. It's like our drills. (なぜかピエール瀧の声と同じ)

ピエール瀧タバ戦闘団長: The target's body contains radioactive material. So pinpoint your attack solely on the thing's head and legs. All battalions ready to fire.

通信人C: Target approaching. ETA is three minutes in counting.

通信員H: 1st to 4th chopper squadrons are arriving now.

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ピエール瀧(声別人): CO1(C01), this is CP. Over. (別人の声)

戸川隊長: Copy CP, CO1. Over.

ピエール瀧(声別人): CO1 to PP1(?). PO1 in flight over Musashi-Kosugi, holding at BP1. PO2 to PO4 behind towers, standby at Holding Area 2. Over.

戸川ヘリ隊長: CO1 ready to engage at BP1. Target distance at 1,200 meters.

ピエール瀧(声別人): Roger. Maintain positions. Over.

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防衛省リエゾン: All helicopter reconnaissance has now been completed.

郡山危機管理監: Total area evacuation has been confirmed.

大河内: Koriyama, are you sure this time? No stragglers?
「郡山君、今度は本当だな? 残っている者はいないな?」

郡山: I trust the report we've received from the field.

財前統合幕僚長: Madam, the target is advancing.

花森大臣: Sir, please authorize the use of force.

大河内: I authorize its use. Commence.

鮫島防衛部長: The PM just confirmed the order
「総理が命令を承認されました (命令が真実だと確認した)」
山岡東部方面総監: Commence fire... right at that thing.

a straggler 「仲間にはぐれた人」

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通信員: Phase 1 is now a go, commander.

ピエール瀧: Commence fire. Repeat, commence fire. Over.

戸川ヘリ隊長: CO1 copy. Commencing fire. Ready, Fire!

ヘリ中隊通信員: Auto-cannon's direct hits are thus far ineffective!

ピエール瀧: Try the apaches' 30 mm. Let's give it a shot.

通信員H: 3rd squadron in reconnaissance. Report on effectiveness. Over.

OH-1観測手: 3rd squadron on-site, Target is fine. No effect!

三木東部方面総監部幕僚長: So, sixteen-thousand rounds of machine gun fire... and didn't leave a scratch.

山岡東部方面総監: Get HQ and the PM.

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財前統合幕僚長: It's the commander. He's requesting to use missiles.

花森大臣: It's a dense area but we have no other choice. Permission to use missiles, sir.

大河内: I authorize... the use of all weapons. Give the word!


196 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/08(金) 21:29:04.66 ID:USy24cQk0.net
>山岡東部方面総監: Get HQ and the PM.


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浜田統幕運用部長: While this group has been tasked with guiding both rescue and evacuation efforts, I must stress that they're not equipped for battle.
be tasked with doing 「(人が)〜する任務を負う」

英語はequipping with bombsだそうです。

Gojira is currently projected to reach Tokyo in three hours.

projected to 
《be 〜》〜すると予測される

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ピエール瀧タバ戦闘団長(声別人): CO1, switch weapon systems to missiles. When you've gotten a lock on the target, fire them all! Over.
「Cマルヒト、武器システムを誘導弾に切り替えろ。目標にロックオンし次第、全弾射撃! 送れ」

戸川ヘリ隊長: Roger. PO1 to PO4, switch to missiles. Target straight ahead, seven hundred meters. Lock on, ready... Fire!

戸川: Keep giving that thing hell, boys!*



一同: Oh...

花森大臣: All direct hits, but no visible damage sustained, and it's still alive.

金井大臣: Even missiles don't work?

菊川: What is this thing?

*give O hell「Oをひどい目に遭わせる」
sustain O 「O(損傷など)を受ける・負う」sustain damage → damage (is) sustained

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三木総監部幕僚長: Nothing's piercing the skin of that monster!

山岡東部方面総監: Time to shift to Phase Number 2.
ピエール瀧(別人): Copy that commander. Commencing the phase 2 of the operation. Commence fire! Repeat. Commence Fire!
岡野戦車大隊長: Roger that. This is Tiger 1. Commencing fire.

斎藤工(声別人): Type 10 tanks, aim for the target's legs and unleash a concentrated barrage on the commander's order!

斎藤工(中隊長): Ready. Lock on. There it is. Distance good. Fire!

   : Direct hits! Keep firing!
「直撃! 続いて撃て!」


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観測員: The target, it's decreased speed.

ピエール瀧: Good. It's working. Now commence artillery fire!

ボンボンボンボン ボンボン

FDC通信員: Time to target. Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Impact!


209 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/09(土) 23:44:51.91 ID:/IGPG/Bcx.net

本スレのほうでは例の あ ら し が相変わらずです

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観測班長: All hit target.

砲班: Fusillade. Fire!


観測員: Sir, the target's just been sighted entering the Tama river!

ピエール瀧: Tell Gotenba to attack. Launch all rockets!


防衛部員: The target, it's halting!

山岡東部方面総監: Time to move to Phase 3. Launch the aerial assault on Gojira.

斎藤工: Type 10 tanks, shift to Phase 3! I repeat. All tanks shift to Phase 3 positions and right away! (うるさくて聴き取れず)
「10式戦車隊、フェイズ3へ移行! 繰り返す フェイズ3へ移行しすぐに陣地変換せよ!」

be sighted doing 「〜するのを見かける (知覚動詞の後なのでdoing)」
→sight O doing 「Oが〜するのを見かける」

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FAC:航空管制: (発言なし)

F-2パイロット: Roger. Cleared for attack. Ready, aim.. now! Bombs away! Laser on.
「了解。攻撃許可。発射用意。照準、今! 爆弾投下。レーザーオン」

FAC航空管制: Searching. (パイロットと同じ人の発言に聴こえる)



空自観測員: Bull's eye!

観測員: The target is turning northwest. Repeat, It's heading northwest!

head 「(自動) 向かう、進む」

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関口大臣: It's turning away?

河野大臣: You mean, this plan(?) is working?

花森大臣: JDAM second wave is next.

国平大臣: Yes, that'll finish it off!


一同: Wow...!

金井大臣: Way to go!

finish O off 「Oにとどめを刺す」

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第2中隊長: All thanks, retreat now!

一同: Aaargh!

斎藤工: (発言なし)


一同: Move, move move move! Everybody...

ピエール瀧: Evacuate! Get the hell out of here now!
「退避だ! とっととここから出ろ!」

一同: Come on, come on, let's go!
  : Medic, move!
  : Come on!

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観測員1: Attention, (The) Target has crossed into Tokyo!

戸川ヘリ隊長: ACP, CO1, Choppers are out of munitions! Repeat. Munitions exhausted!
「ACP、Cマルヒト、ヘリは残弾なし! 繰り返す、残弾なし!」

第4中隊長: Tiger 1, this is forty, Give us a status report. Over.

岡野戦車大隊長: This is Tiger 1. Eight squadrons are out of ammo, three tanks are severely damaged, and two of those are crippled. Over!

無線: It's confirmed, sirs, Our forward command post has been destroyed.

観測員2: The target's breached the defense line. Our defensive position has collapsed entirely.

cross into 〜 「〜に越えて入る」
exhausted 「使い尽くされた」
munitions 「(爆弾・銃弾などの)軍需品」
(U) ammo 「弾薬」
out of 〜「〜が尽きて」out of ammo 「弾薬が底をついて」
severely 「激しく、ひどく」
crippled 「(損傷して)活動不能となった」
breach O 「Oを突き破る」
collapse 「つぶれる、崩壊する」

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市ヶ谷中央指揮所 (お通夜状態)

山本運用課長: Sir, that creature... It's still within artillery range. Let's continue the assault!

矢島統幕副長: We can't. Those wards still aren't fully evacuated yet.


花森大臣: Ugh!!! Sorry, but I'm afraid that's all we can do.
「ゥガー! すみません、残念ながらここまでです (これが私たちにできるすべてです)」

大河内: Understood. We'll suspend the operation.

第1普通科連隊副官: We couldn't stop it. Sorry, sir.

ピエール瀧: Don't lose hope. It's our job to protect the people here. An offensive isn't the only way. Speed up the evacuation.

an assault 「攻撃」
suspend O 「Oを一時停止・中止する」
lose hope 「望みを失う、失望する」
an offensive 「(名) 攻撃」

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袖原: The operation failed and Gojira is once again on the move!

森: The SDF's full power was futile against it.

間: That thing's self-preservation ability is amazing.

尾頭: Standard weapons won't take it down, that's why we're here, remember?


矢口: An organism that surpasses man in every way...

on the move 「移動して」
futile 「無駄な、役に立たない」
take O down 「Oを倒す、Oをやっつける」

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防衛省リエゾン: The target has been sighted entering Meguro ward!

花森大臣: Sir, Let's petition the US for military aid in taking it down. It's our only choice.

国平大臣: Sir, I just heard from the USAF, they confirmed that a squadron of stealth bombers is already en route.

大河内: Uh...!

赤坂: Submit a formal cooperation request to the US. I'm on my way to meet with the ambassador.

東官房長官: With your authorization, I'll hold a press conference on the subject.

東(会見): And so, we've requested aid by US Forces, in fighting Gojira based on the Japan-US security which...

218 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/10(日) 07:43:43.25 ID:iVpmX3vc0.net
be sighted doing 「〜するのを見かける (知覚動詞の後なのでdoing)」
→sight O doing 「Oが〜するのを見かける」
petition O for 〜 「O(政府など)に〜を求める」
(U) aid in doing 「〜する助け」
confirm that 「〜ということを真実だと認める」
en route 「途中で」
on one's way to do「〜しに出発するところで/〜しに行く途中で」(way to doingとは意味が違う)
hold O 「O(会など)を開く、Oを行う」

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自衛隊リエゾン: The proposed US bombing zone.

恩地警視総監: It's this large!?

川又副知事: The damage will be worse than Gojira.

小塚都知事: The bombing zone's so vast. We have to evacuate everyone underground.

警察官&消防隊員: The US will soon launch (an) attack at Gojira. Please evacuate to the nearest subway or underground shelters at this time!

proposed 「(名詞の前) 提案された」
>It's this large!?
this は「こんなに、これほど」という意味の副詞で、形容詞のlargeを修飾している。
vast 「広大な、大幅な」
underground 「(副) 地下へ・に」
launch O at 〜 「Oを〜に向かって投げつける」から
launch an attack at 〜「〜に攻撃をかける」
a shelter 「避難場所」

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221 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/11(月) 01:39:22.52 ID:h3mdGizV0.net


assassin や assault、assail これらが持つ単語の怖い感じが出てますね。

222 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/11(月) 06:46:00.15 ID:h3mdGizV0.net
官邸アナウンス: Attention, a mandatory evacuation order has been issued. Please vacate the premises at once! Repeat, a mandatory evacuation order has been issued. Please vacate the premises at once!

赤坂 外堀通り

志村: It's gridlock all over the city. Traffic isn't moving.

矢口: Even so, the strike's still coming. We need to get everyone out.


矢口: So that's Gojira...

mandatory 「強制的な、義務的な」
issue an order 「命令を出す」
vacate O 「Oを立ち退く、Oを空ける」
premises 「(複数扱い) 建物、敷地」
at once 「すぐに」
get O out 「Oを逃がす、Oを助け出す」

223 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/11(月) 06:46:55.68 ID:h3mdGizV0.net
志村: Just got word. The strike's going to occur ahead of schedule!

ドン! (MOP II 直撃)


壱岐秘書官: MOP II bombs have struck the target. Direct hit! It's confirmed breeding!
「MOP IIが目標に命中、直撃です!出血を確認!」

金井大臣: This may work! Ha ha ha!
「行けるぞ! ははは!」

国平大臣: Nice Job, USA.

郡山危機管理監: Sir. The helicopters are arriving.

(Who will know イントロ)

(U) word 「知らせ、伝言」
get word 「連絡を受ける」
occur 「(自)起こる (良くないことなどが起こる)」
ahead of schedule 「予定より早く」
strike O 「Oに当たる、Oを攻撃する」
It's confirmed breeding. (it は 動名詞bleedingを代表する形式主語)
work 「(自) うまくいく、効果がある」

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志村: Quickly everyone! Now, this way!
「みなさん、早く! こちらです!」

矢口: What's that glow?

― If I die in this world, who will know something of me


― I am lost, no one knows there's no trace of my yearning..

壱岐秘書官: Gojira's back has begun to glow all of a sudden, sir! No more details than that!

大河内: What can it be glowing for!?


glow 名詞で「(ほのかな)光、輝き」動詞で「光を放つ」
all of a sudden 「突然、急に」
>What can it be glowing for?
can は可能性を表す。for what 「何のために」の what を文頭に持ってきて、for が文末に残った形。

225 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/11(月) 06:48:14.78 ID:h3mdGizV0.net
(B-2, No.1撃墜)


志村: It's everyone. Come on Yaguchi!


ヘリ無線: The prime and his cabinet are on board and en route to Tachikawa...


on board 「(船・飛行機・列車などに) 乗って」
en route to 〜 「〜へ向かう途中で」

226 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/11(月) 06:52:44.11 ID:h3mdGizV0.net
>The prime and his cabinet

The Prime Minister and his cabinet の間違い。

227 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/12(火) 07:43:55.19 ID:uHqc6sef0.net
>confirmed breeding

bleeding の間違い 

breeding 「繁殖、品種改良」
bleeding 「出血」

228 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 00:36:57.64 ID:uhCQm1t40.net
High levels of radiation have been projected. For their safety, people are urged to remain indoors for at least another 49 hours...

How much radiation the creature has released on Tokyo is still unknown...

Due to the attack, expected emergency service is to be severely...

I hear radioactivity is high. Will the government distribute iodine tablets...

... are urging residents to drink only bottled water...

be projected 「予測される」
be urged to do 「〜するように強く促される」
remain indoors 「屋内に留まる」
due to 〜 「〜が原因で、〜のために」
severely 「激しく、ひどく」
(U) radioactivity 「放射能、放射線」
distribute O 「Oを配給する」
(U) iodine 「ヨウ素」

229 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 00:37:34.46 ID:uhCQm1t40.net
Nuclear biological and chemical response teams are being deployed throughout the city for decontamination and rescue. A government spokesman stated that these teams will arrive in all of the...

(The) Prime Minister, Cabinet Secretary and five ministers are still missing at this hour, and presumed dead after the helicopter was blown from...

Police headquarters and two ministries still remain intact. Other government buildings didn't...

The best word I could use to describe what I'm looking at right now is "the Apocalypse". It's almost like looking at the historic photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombs were dropped.
But then you realize what you're staring at is actually right in...

(U) decontamination 「浄化、汚染の除去」
state that 「that以下のことを述べる」
(be) presumed dead 「生存が絶望視されている、死亡したものと推定される」
presume O 「Oを事実と推定する」
remain C 「Cのままである」
remain intact 「元のままである」
intact 「(形) 無傷で、完全で」
the Apocalypse 「この世の終わり・終末、ヨハネの黙示録」

230 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 00:37:56.78 ID:uhCQm1t40.net
The number of refugees left homeless in the city are estimated to be in the millions. And that number is rising every hour...

With the Prime Minister presumed dead, government officials are racing to select an acting PM to fill the political vacuum created by the tragic events of last night.

With the PM residence still in the path of danger, government headquarters has been moved to Tachikawa City. Several miles from the city center, it's hoped it will be a safer location for the government's base of operations.
「首相官邸がまだ危険な状況にあるため(危険の進路上にあるため) 政府本部(機能)は立川市へ移りました。都心から数マイル離れているため、政府の運営拠点としてはより安全な場所であると期待されています」(数マイル→近っ)

the number of 〜 「〜の数」
a refugee 「難民」
be left homeless 「家を失う」(ここでは、leftという過去分詞が後ろからrefugeesを修飾)
be estimated to be C 「Cであると推定される」
in the millions 「数百万にのぼって」
race to do 「(時間がないので) 急いで〜しようとする」
a political vacuum 「政治的空白」a vacuum 「空白、空白状態」
tragic 「悲惨な、痛ましい」
with OC 「(状況に対する理由) OがCなので、OがCであることを考えると」
(With) (the Prime Minister) (presumed dead) 「総理が死亡したと推定されるため」(with OC)
(With) (the PM residence) (in the path of danger) 「首相官邸が危険なため」(with OC)
It's hoped (that) it will ... 「〜すると期待されている」

231 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 00:38:21.77 ID:uhCQm1t40.net
Attention all staff, decontamination protocols have been enacted. Interior access will....

久松第二秘書: Chief Yaguchi!

泉: I'll call you back.

志村: Izumi, you're safe.

泉: Ha, yeah, only for one reason. Because I went home on Friday night. That's the sole thing that saved me. Hey, do you know that you're bleeding? You OK?

志村: Yes, sorry. They said bandages were in short supply.

泉: I know. Everything is.

(U) decontamination 「浄化、汚染の除去」protocol 「手順、指令」
enact O 「O(規則など)を制定する」
save O 「Oを救う、Oを守る」
be in short supply 「不足している」
Everything is (in short supply). 「何もかも不足している」

232 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 00:38:51.78 ID:uhCQm1t40.net
危機管理予備要員1: Tokyo's directing fire and rescue!

危機管理予備要員2: We have no Internal Ministry yet!
「まだ総務省はありません (機能していません)!」

危機管理予備要員3: Let the police handle refugees!

危機管理予備要員4: We're working on it, OK?

危機管理予備要員5: They'll have to hold out for one more night.

危機管理予備要員6: Rumors will fly, so get on the press now!


handle O 「Oを担当する、Oの相手をする」
work on O 「Oに取り組む」
hold out 「耐える、持ちこたえる」
get on O 「Oの準備をする」

233 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 01:46:58.33 ID:uhCQm1t40.net
>赤坂: Isn't there some other way? Think what the devastation will cause to Tokyo. (※よく聴き取れず)


Think of the devastation it will cause to Tokyo.

Think of the devastation (that) it will cause to Tokyo.

it が指すものは「核攻撃」

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そうですね。吹き替え版はやたらと広島・長崎を強調して出してきてて、カヨコの>>15 もそうでした。その方が向こうの人に分かりやすいとの判断でしょうね。



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志村: Sir, the PM's arrived.


大門秘書官: We haven't been able to ascertain the cause of the tunnel rupture yet.

大河内総理: Never mind the details. How many fatalities have there been?

大門: None.

大河内: Then things aren't as bad as they could be.

赤坂: Still, there is a secondary disaster risk. I've cleared your schedule so that you can attend an emergency meeting in five minutes sir.

大河内: Well, then. Let's get there.

(C,U) rupture 「破裂」
ascertain O 「Oを突き止める、Oを確認する」
> Things aren't as bad as they could be.
Things are bad. と Things could be bad. を比べて、「可能性としてあり得た悪さ」と比べれば、それほど悪くないということを示す。
so that S can do 「Sが〜できるように」

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東官房長官: Obviously some type of undersea thermal discharge has occurred, but do we have any idea as to its cause?

関口文科大臣: Meltdown of an unidentified nuclear submarine perhaps?

花守防衛大臣: There's no way. The bay's too shallow for a sub so that would be impossible.

柳原国交大臣: We believe the fissure was created by magma steam, something that was released by a new undersea volcano.

沖気象庁次長: Um... Excuse me sir, while we did initially believe that, further study has shown the epicenter to be shallow and just steam. So we are now confident that it's not volcanic activity.

柳原大臣: You should have shared that info with me sooner!

沖次長: Sorry, sir.

thermal 「熱の」
(U) discharge 「(気体・液体などの) 放出、排出」
unidentified 「身元不明の、未確認の」
a fissure 「亀裂」
while S'V', SV 「(逆接) S'はV'するけれど、SはVする」
initially 「初めに、当初は」
should have done 「〜しておくべきだった(のにしなかった)」

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関口大臣: Another idea for it is a new large hydrothermal vent.

金井防災担当大臣: Yeah. That must be it.

矢口: Come on. A vent directly above the tunnel? Past geological surveys would've uncovered it years ago.
「まさか。トンネルの真上に噴出孔ですか? それだったら過去の地質調査で何年も前に発見されているはずです」(目上にCome onはなんか失礼な気が)

金井大臣: Well, maybe it was simply overlooked.

矢口: The cause... is something on the sea floor.

大河内総理: Something eh? Like what?
「何かとは? 例えば?」

矢口: A colossal creature sir. There's some footage of it online.

金井大臣: That's absurd. People probably just saw a big whale spouting.

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hydrothermal 「熱水の、熱水作用の」
a vent 「穴、口、通気孔、排気孔 など」
>Past geological survey would've uncovered it years ago.
would have uncovered は仮定法の条件節が省略された形で、「もしそうなら〜だっただろう」を表す。
overlook O 「Oを見落とす」
colossal 「巨大な、ものすごく大きな」
(U) footage 「映像、フィルム」online 「ネット上に」
absurd 「ばかげた」
see O doing 「Oが〜しているのを見る」spout 「(クジラが) 潮を噴き上げる」

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関口大臣(声は柳原大臣): The sea is boiling. No living creature could survive those temperatures.

河野総務大臣: We've been scouring online videos, Prime Minister. But we've yet to find any conclusive evidence of the flooding's cause.

東官房長官: Look, times are wasting here, people. How about a process of elimination?

柳原大臣: I agree. The cause is a new volcano or a large thermal vent. It can't be anything else.

東官房長官: Then we need to plan our general response, ladies and gentlemen. Therefore, I suggest holding a cabinet meeting immediately. Prime Minister?

大河内: Yes. Good idea.

東官房長官: In that case, let's move to the main conference room.


大河内: We have to stay on top of the situation.


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scour O 「Oをくまなく調べる・捜す」
have yet to do...「まだ〜していない」
conclusive 「決定的な、疑う余地のない」
waste 「(自) 無駄に使われる、消費される」
a process of elimination 消去法
suggest doing 「〜することを提案する」
stay on top of 〜 「〜を掌握する、〜をうまくさばく」

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河野総務大臣: I'm happy to report that all those injured in the tunnel are receiving care. In order to prevent any further accidents, fireboats and helicopters have been mobilized in the bay. They stand ready to respond. Who's next?

柳原国交大臣: I am. Regarding the Tokyo Bay coastal region, we're currently at evacuation preparedness level one.
Due to possible debris and ash from the previous incident and any potential future ones, we're considering the possibility of grounding all flights out of Haneda.

all those injured 「ケガをした人々 (<those + 過去分詞>は、those (people who are) injured と補って考える)
further 「(副) それ以上の、さらなる」
mobilize O 「Oを動かす、Oを結集する/Oを動員する」
stand C 「C(状態)でいる」stand ready 「待機する、準備がいつでもできている」

regarding 〜「(前) 〜に関して」(元は分詞構文だったものが、完全に前置詞化したもの)
(U) preparedness 「準備ができていること」
due to 〜 「〜が原因で、〜のために」
(U) debris 「破片、残骸、くず」
ground O 「O(飛行機など)を地上待機にする」a flight 「(飛行機の)便、フライト」

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柳原: Please forgive me. I was just handed a correction. It's been decided to DEFINITELY ground all flights out of Haneda to ensure citizen safety. No flights will be going in or out until further notice.


柳原: In regards to the undersea volcano-induced flooding of the Aqua Line tunnel, it's fortunate that no toxic gases whatsoever have been detected thus far.
A team from the Meteorological Agency has been mobilized, as has a group of experts from the Coast Guard. And both are currently en route to conduct a thorough investigation of the cause. hmm?

248 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 19:21:01.78 ID:uhCQm1t40.net

hand OO 「O(人)にOを手渡す」(第4文型は、受け身にすると S is handed O の様に、Oの1つが残る。これを保留目的語と呼ぶ。他の文型では、受動態の後ろに名詞(目的語)は残らないので注意)
a correction 「訂正」
definitely 「確かに、間違いなく、絶対に」
to definitely ground (※これはto不定詞の間に、意味を明確にするため副詞が入り込んだもので分離不定詞と呼ぶ)
ensure O 「Oを確保する、Oを保証する」
until further notice 「追って告知・通知があるまで」

following abbreviated 「中略」be abbreviated 「短縮される、省略される」

in regard(s) to 〜 「〜に関しては」
induce O 「Oを引き起こす」○○-induced の形で「○○によって引き起こされた」という形容詞の役割をする。
it is fortunate that 「(that以下)〜なのは幸いである」
no 〜 whatsoever 「少しの〜もない」
detect O 『Oを検知・検出する、Oを発見する」
thus far 「今までのところ」
meteorological 「気象の、気象学の」
en route to do 「〜しに行く途中である」
conduct O 「Oを行う、Oを実施する」
thorough 「徹底的な、完全な」

>A team of the Meteorological Agency has been mobilized, as has a group of experts from the Coast Guard.
as は発言を付け加える際に「〜と同様に、〜のように」などを意味するが、その後のSとVが倒置されることがある。この文のas以降を普通の語順で述べると
as a group of experts from the Coast Guard has (been mobilized). とすると分かりやすい。

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柳原: Everyone, I've been notified that eruption activity is dying down rapidly.

一同: Huuuh?

葉山経産大臣: Is it over?

鵜飼財務大臣: No big deal, I guess.

矢口: Sir, with all due respect, I must reiterate... the presence of a large marine creature.... as a possible cause.

東官房長官: Yaguchi, this is a serious matter, not some joke.

大河内: I agree. This is a ministerial meeting after all. Don't make a mockery of it!


be notified that 「(that以下)〜という知らせを受ける」notify O that 「Oに(that以下)〜ということを知らせる」
die down 「静まる、衰える」 rapidly 「急速に、すばやく」
(it's) no bid deal 「大したことじゃない」
reiterate O 「Oを再び口に出す、Oを繰り返し言う」as 〜「〜として」
a possible cause 「考えられる原因、可能性のある原因」
a serious matter 「重要・重大事」に対して a joking matter (=no joke) 「冗談事、笑い事」
make a mockery of 〜 「〜をあざ笑う、〜をバカにする」

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葉山経産大臣: ...and with no time frame for restoration, we can expect those losses to swell. At least in the third quarter of the next fiscal year, but that...
「また、復旧の期限がないため (復旧のめどが立たないため)、これらの損失は増大すると思われます。少なくとも来年度の第3四半期には・・・」

女性職員: Sir, there's been another incident. Turn on the TV. (ささやき声でよく聴き取れず)
「(耳打ち) 長官。また事件です。テレビをつけて下さい」

東官房長官: Sorry. But we have to suspend this meeting. The TV. Turn it on now!

アナウンサー: It's unbelievable! Look at the size of it! I, and I doubt anyone else has ever seen anything like it before! A few minutes ago, this strange .... has appeared in the water of Tokyo Bay. Whatever it is...
「信じられません! あれの大きさを見てください! 私も、恐らく誰もかつてあのようなものを見たことがありません! 数分前、このおかしな・・・が東京湾の海水に姿を現しました。これが何であろうと・・・」

関口文科大臣: Wh... What is that thing!?

大河内: A tail?

東: It appears so.

赤坂: I guess Yaguchi's joke is no laughing matter after all, huh?

東: This meeting is adjourned. All cabinet heads, please, let's assemble in the Prime Minister's office right away!


251 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/13(水) 19:37:13.65 ID:uhCQm1t40.net

time frame 「期限、時間的制約/(予定の)期間、時間枠」(期限がないということは、いつになるか分からないということ)
(U) restoration 「(秩序などの) 回復、復活/修復、復元」
expect O to do 「Oが〜するだろうと思う」
swell 「(自) 膨らむ」
a quarter 「(決算で) 四半期」
a fiscal year 「会計年度」

suspend O 「Oを一時停止・中止する」
turn O on, turn on O 「Oをつける」

> I, and I doubt anyone else has ever seen...
I doubt 「〜ということを疑う」 補うと、
I (have never seen O before), and I doubt anyone else has ever seen O before.

appear C 「Cのようである、Cのように思える」
> It appears so.
この so は前に出てきた語・句・節などの代用で「そう、その通り」を表す。(It appears a tail. と言っている)

no laughing matter 「笑い事などではない」
この no は、be動詞の補語の位置で、形容詞または<形容詞+名詞>の前に置いて「決して〜などではない」と強調するno。

adjourn O 「O(会議など)を中断する」
assemble 「(自) 集まる、集合する」
right away 「すぐに」

252 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/14(木) 07:33:45.70 ID:46CB5wZ4x.net
“out of supply”=「補給切れ」
war gamerにとって恐怖(くらった)と歓喜(くらわした)の言葉です

ですので“ in short supply”が目にはいったときはドキッとしつつホッともしました
これが“out of supply”だと立川防災基地は電気ガス水道に備蓄品、そうとう厳しい状況に陥ったということになります

253 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/14(木) 08:46:09.41 ID:46CB5wZ4x.net

1. 艦上戦闘機(艦戦>攻撃隊の護衛と艦隊防空、つまり防御がお仕事>“零戦”はあまりにも有名
2. 艦上攻撃機(艦攻>雷撃(雷装)か水平爆撃(爆装)を選択>97式艦攻
3. 艦上爆撃機(艦爆>急降下爆撃、上空からダイブしつつ爆撃、命中率は高い>99式艦爆



254 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/14(木) 09:22:02.03 ID:zF2wpVES0.net
War Gameって、プレステみたいなやつのゲームですか?シミュレーションゲームのような?

255 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/14(木) 09:33:56.34 ID:zF2wpVES0.net
とにかくF-2は、>>174 にある通り、武器タイプを選べるわけですね。


256 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/14(木) 10:13:25.45 ID:46CB5wZ4x.net
ちょうどwar gameの第1次全盛期でした

>クルスク大戦車戦 ※800個限定生産(絶版)
定価 6,800円+消費税
デザイナー: エリック・ゴールドバーグ
内容物: 本誌(64ページ)/地図盤(A1サイズ)1枚/地図盤(A4サイズ)1枚/、駒960個/A4判チャート10枚
プレイ時間: 2時間〜
プレイヤー数: 1〜2人
難易度: 普通(12歳以上)

◆旧SPI社から1980年に発売され、今なお「クルスク会戦を描いたキャンペーンゲームの決定版」としての地位を保持し続けている傑作作戦級ゲーム「クルスク大戦車戦(Eric Goldberg's Kusrk)」を装いも新たに復刻。
◆ 1ヘクス=3.2km ◆1ターン=2日 ◆1ユニット=連隊/師団/軍団


257 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/14(木) 11:04:21.07 ID:46CB5wZ4x.net
war gameはシュミレーションゲームの一分野です

war gameも部隊規模で戦略級(国家レベル、作戦級(有名な大作戦、戦術級(小部隊のドンパチに分類されます


258 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:06:43.53 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net



259 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:09:04.49 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net

矢口: Chief Mori.
森: Yes?

矢口: Where are we with the freezing plan?
「凍結プランの進捗はどうなってますか (今どの辺りにいますか)」

森: At the moment, we've got several private companies formulating twenty four different blood procoagulants using silica, thrombin, and other agents you'll see here in these specs. We're hoping at least one of them will work.

矢口: What about samples?

尾頭: We've asked GSDF for some living samples and they're retrieving them now as we speak.

260 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:09:33.39 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net
袖原: Roger that. Samples retrieved. Orders?
「了解した。サンプル回収完了。どうしますか (指示は?)」

尾頭: I'm requesting that some be sent directly to BSL4 labs.

矢口: Very good. Send the remainder to any P3-level lab, and it doesn't matter if it's a public or private one.

尾頭: But, sir, these samples are government-classified substances.

矢口: I know. But we need diverse info on Gojira.

261 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:11:29.97 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net

>we've got several private companies formulating...
have got O doing (have O doingが普通) 「Oに〜してもらっている・させている」
formulate O 「Oを生成する、Oを調合する」
pro- 「(『前の』を意味する接頭辞)」
an agent 「化学物質、作用物、薬剤」
a spec 「仕様書、仕様」
ask O for 〜 「Oに〜を求める」
retrieve O 「Oを回収する」
>I'm requesting that some be sent directly to...
request that の様に、依頼・要求・提案・命令などの動詞のthat節では、動詞は原形不定詞になる。そのため be sent となっている。
the remainder 「残り」

>Samples retrieved. =Samples (have been) retrieved.
diverse 「多様な、さまざまな」

262 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:13:01.08 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net

A: No change to radiation levels. They're still reading below 1 Sivert. Still sleeping.

B: And apparently storing radiation in its belly.


C: Shift change. Let's go!


read O「(計器などが) O(数値)を示す」
apparently 「どうやら」
store O 「O(エネルギーなど)を蓄える」
a belly 「腹、おなか」

263 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:36:38.18 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net

アナウンス: Attention. Please evacuate the premises immediately! For your safety, please follow police instructions and evacuate to Kisarazu!


男: What was happening? Someone hurts?

女: Come on!

係員: This way. And watch your head.

男: Cool, a slide!

カップル(あつこ込み): Aha ha ha!

係員: Stay calm!

264 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:37:12.88 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net
救急係員2: Heading to first aid.

男: This place is awesome!

女: No... My feet hurt.

男: You know, I bet I can sell this footage to the news.


男: Oh!

あつこ: uh...!! What was that noise?
「...! 今の音なに?」

女: Come on, let''s go!

男: Something's up there.

265 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:37:42.74 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net

空港アナウンス: Please stay calm and seated with your seatbelt...

男: This is bad.

女: Look, this is starting to freak me out.

男: Hey, what's that!?

女: What? Wh...where?
「え? ど、どこ?」

男: I see it too!


266 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 06:39:50.09 ID:RnvrNhsg0.net
>Someone hurts?
これはおそらく、Someone hurts (himself/herself). の省略か、hurt「〜をケガさせる」を自動詞的に用いている。

267 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 07:54:47.36 ID:LE/Y+MC2x.net



どこまでをwar gameと呼ぶかについてはいろんな立場がありますんで深入りしたくはありません
あやふやならsimulation gameって大枠につっこんどけばいいのでw

268 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/15(金) 08:06:17.12 ID:LE/Y+MC2x.net
現代的商業的war gameは軍隊の兵棋演習を土台に戦後のアメリカでうまれたゲームです
ですので軍人さん、少なくとも士官なら業務用war gameのプロかと思います

269 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/17(日) 06:41:10.26 ID:mvXeN5Ws0.net
森: So US-Japan Gojira research coalition?

矢口: The way I see it, the more knowledge, the better. Now, let's clear some space.

矢口: Nice to meet you. I'm Rando Yaguchi.

270 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/17(日) 06:41:49.89 ID:mvXeN5Ws0.net
陸自隊員: This is from the GSDF's latest unmanned surveillance system.

一同: mm uh..

陸自隊員: It froze shortly after the attack.

通訳: It looks like the hypothesis...

陸自: (The) same as D2 simulation.

リヒター調査団長: Just as I thought. It appears that Godzilla has something like a built-in phased-array radar.

袖原: If so, that means it can instinctively detect and intercept any approaching object.

271 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/17(日) 06:42:45.58 ID:mvXeN5Ws0.net
coalition 「連合、連立」
the way I see it 「私が思うに」
>the more knowledge, the better
<the 比較級, the 比較級> 「〜すればするほど〜だ」

unmanned 「無人の」
surveillance 「偵察、監視」
shortly after 〜 「〜してすぐに、〜して間もなく」
instinctively 「本能的に」
detect O 「Oを感知する」
intercept O 「(軍) Oを迎撃する」

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通信員: Squad 2, this is CV1. Five minutes from Point zero, Ten minutes remain. Over.

隊員: Copy that CV1. Over.



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カヨコ: But I don't wanna be here for it. I won't see a third bomb dropped on the homeland of my grandmother. She lived through the last two.


>see a third bomb dropped
知覚動詞 <see O 過去分詞> 「Oが〜されるのを見る」
third という序数に the ではなく a がつく場合は、『もう1つ、また』の意味
won't see (=will not see) 「(〜を見ない→〜させない」)
live through 〜 「(戦争など) 〜を生き延びる、〜を生き抜く」
the last two 「過去の2つ (広島と長崎の原爆投下を指す)」

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町田: Every chemical company you know, contact them now and ask them to open every line possible. You will? Thank you!

安田: I'm sending all pertinent data to you right now. And please let everyone know that we need production finished by tomorrow at the latest.

尾頭: Cross-checking's complete by all the groups we've reached out to. Well well, I guess spreading knowledge works.
「助けを求めたすべてのグループによる照合完了です。なるほど、知識をばらまくのは役立ちますね (効果があるもんですね)」

津秋: We're still working on logistics for Police and MLIT to ship the coagulant.

竹尾: I can handle that. But I need METI to coordinate with the pump makers.

庭野: Hey, I was just told that if we agree to buy them, Shanghai will get three tanker trucks to us.

町田: Any size. Yes, that's correct. We still need five more wheel loaders.

275 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/17(日) 08:26:26.85 ID:mvXeN5Ws0.net

pertinent 「関連のある」
need OC 「OをC(状態)にする必要がある (Cは形容詞、過去分詞、現在分詞など)」
need O done 「Oが〜される必要がある」need production finished 「製造が終了される必要がある」finishedは「完成した」という形容詞でもある。
at the latest 「遅くとも」
cross-checking 「照合、別の方法でチェックすること」
reach out to 〜 「〜に助けを求める」the groups (that) we've reached out to (目的格の関係代名詞の省略)
spread O 「Oを広める」
logistics 「配送、補給、物流/物資の全般的な管理法」
MLIT (= Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 「国土交通省」
METI (= Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) 「経済産業省」
handle O 「O(仕事)を担当する」
coordinate with 〜 「〜と強調する」
get O to somebody 「Oを人に届ける・送る」

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片山外務大臣: We have news sir. Ambassador Lansing relayed coalition projections. According to current readings, Gojira's energy beam will be restored to previous levels in three hundred and sixty hours.

泉: That means the creature is likely to resume activity again in fifteen days.

里見総理: I see.


relay O 「O(情報など)を伝達する」
a projection 「予測、見通し」
a reading 「(計器の示す) 数値、表示」
restore O 「Oを回復する、Oを取り戻す」
previous 「(名詞の前) 以前の、先の」

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Please proceed in an orderly fashion and if you are traveling with children, please hold their hands.

in a ... fashion 「〜なやり方で」 (U)fashion 「やり方、様式」
orderly 「秩序ある、整然とした」

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立川巨災対 夜

矢口: So Goro Maki hated the radiation sickness that took his wife's life with every fiber of his being. He hoped to find a way to render radioactive materials harmless.

尾頭: Well, if something like that could be possible, then so too could the creation of new material. He must have feared the military would use it.

根岸: That certainly would explain why he redacted the DOE data.

矢口: Professor Maki hated radioactive materials... And possibly even anyone or anything that worked with them. And that includes Japan, which left his wife to die.

志村: But then he leaves his data with a note that says "do as you please"? What a strange guy.

矢口: But just what did Maki do in the end..?


279 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/17(日) 15:13:36.67 ID:mvXeN5Ws0.net
with every fiber of your being 「心の奥底から」
render OC 「OをCにする」render O harmless 「Oを無害なものにする」
>if..., then so too could the creation
if S'V', then SV 「もしSがVするなら、SはVする」
so (too) could S ( soの用法で『Sもまたそうである』と全文の内容を受けて倒置される) 普通の語順にすると
The creation of new material could be possible, too.
fear (that) 「〜ということを懸念する・恐れる」
redact O 「Oを編集・訂正する (文書などを黒塗りにしたり省いたりして検閲削除する)」
leave O to do 「Oに〜させておく」leave his wife to die 「彼の妻に死なせる→妻が死ぬのを放っておく」
what a/an ... 「(感嘆文) 何とも、なんと」
>But just what did Maki...
justは疑問詞 what を強めて「一体全体」

280 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/17(日) 20:10:40.79 ID:mvXeN5Ws0.net
>coordinate with 〜 「〜と強調する」

「〜と協調する」 の間違い。

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立川巨災対 深夜

森: Thank you for this meal.

矢口: ugh! You solved the chart yet?
「熱っ。 (解析)図は解けたか」

安田: No, not even with the help of a brilliant cryptographer who came highly recommended. (Did) You hear anything from (the) US?

矢口: I don't think we can rely on them too much, not right now.

尾頭: We've taken a multi-tiered approach to try and decipher Maki's info, but it's bizarre.

間: This chemical schematic is quite confusing. (It) Resembles a mandala. I've even tried working backwards from the solution and I still can't figure it out. This Maki,,. haa... was the man insane? Even I'm baffled by these lines.

安田: Why did he put it on paper instead of an electronic file?

志村: Perhaps... It's meant to be folded? You know, with a lot of us eating now, it makes me wonder about Gojira there. Do you think that it gets hungry?
「もしかして、折ることを意図しているとか? しかし、今みんな食べているけど、あっちにいるゴジラについて考えさせられます。あれは腹減るんでしょうかね」

森: No doubt. Yeah, but look, that thing's got some really crooked teeth. It can't even prey on nuclear waste.

間: Origami... haah... It's not eaten.
「折り紙・・・ 食べてないんだ」

282 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/18(月) 01:28:13.88 ID:0BRebZwD0.net
brilliant 「優秀な」
come done(過去分詞) 「〜の状態で来る」come highly recommended「強く推薦されて来る」
rely on 〜 「〜に頼る」
multi-tired 「多層的な」tired「階層的な」
take an approach 「方法をとる」
decipher O 「O(暗号など)を解読する」
resemble O 「〜に似ている」
try and do 「〜しようとする (=try to do)」
figure O out 「Oが分かる・理解する、Oを解決する」
insane 「正気でない」(後ろからmanを修飾している)
baffle O 「Oを当惑させる」
be meant to do 「〜することになっている、〜しなければならない」
with O doing 「Oが〜しているので (付帯状況)」
crooked 「曲がった、歪んだ」
prey on 〜 「〜を補食する」

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尾頭: We finally figured out the entire pattern. This new information came from making folds, just like an origami.

間: What we've done is focus on radiation as its energy. When the schematic's folded, it's a molecular chart for converting elements in the body.
Gojira's body has molecules that can do this, and the proof of this is the unknown radioactive isotope! I'm sure of it!
ゴジラの体にはそれが行える分子がある。その証拠はあの未知の放射性同位元素です! 間違いない!」

尾頭: The way it works is when either hydrogen or nitrogen enters the body, it's converted into the necessary molecules.
Gojira is a mixotroph with an organ that converts decaying heat into the energy that sustains it. That's my hypothesis. Questions?

志村: It can live anywhere where there's water or oxygen, huh? So basically, everywhere.

284 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/18(月) 01:44:50.80 ID:0BRebZwD0.net
矢口: What you're saying is that Gojira is not only a threat to mankind, but also an organism that could potentially be indestructible? Is that right?

森: If the latter is true, we have no certainty that coagulant will be effective once it's inside Gojira's body, killing the Yaguchi plan.

竹尾: Yeah, possibly. So what now?

尾頭: We raise the certainty of it working through a series of tests.*

森: Exactly. And the first thing we'll do is analyze the structure, top to bottom!

安田: I've already got supercomputers running parallel analysis but the results are still several weeks away, I've been told.

志村: But we only have ten days left, Yasuda.

安田: I know. That's why I've asked MEXT to use their global connections.


285 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/18(月) 01:46:58.51 ID:0BRebZwD0.net
a fold 「折り目」 fold O 「Oを折る」
(U) proof 「証拠、証左」
radioactive 「放射性の」
an isotope 「同位元素」
a schematic 「概略図」

> The way it works is
「それの働き方は」これは The way (in which/that) it works is と補って考える。thatは関係副詞。

either A or B 「AかBのどちらか」
convert O into 〜 「Oを〜に変換する」
a mixotroph 「混合栄養生物」(異なるエネルギー源を組み合わせて利用できる生物)
an organ 「臓器、器官」
decaying heat (= decay heat) 「崩壊熱」
sustain O 「Oの生命を維持する」

> anywhere where
whereは関係副詞 (anywhereは普通は副詞だが名詞的にも用いられ、関係詞の先行詞にもなる。また、anywhereだけでも関係副詞の用法があるので、
It can live anywhere there's water or oxygen. も可能。

286 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/18(月) 01:49:12.63 ID:0BRebZwD0.net
What(=The thing which) you're saying 「あなたが言っていること」
not only A but also B 「AだけでなくBも」
a threat 「脅威、脅威となるもの」
an organism 「生物、生命体、有機体」
potentially 「潜在的に、可能性として」
indestructible 「破壊できない、不滅の」
the former 「前者」 the latter 「後者」(ここでthe latterというのは、ゴジラが不滅であるということを指す)
once 「(接) いったん〜したら」

> we have no certainty that coagulant will be effective
certainty 「確信、確実性」 certainty that 「〜という確信」このthatは同格のthatと呼ばれ、前の名詞の内容を表している。
> killing the Yaguchi plan

287 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/18(月) 01:50:36.51 ID:0BRebZwD0.net

> *We raise the certainty of it working through a series of tests.
この it(=the Yaguchi plan) は workingという動名詞の意味上の主語を表す目的格の代名詞で、所有格に言い換えるとcertainty of its working。
through 〜 「(方法など) 〜によって、〜を通じて」
We raise the certainty of it, working through a series of tests.

> the first thing we'll do is analyze...
このbe動詞の補語になる analyze は原形不定詞で「分析すること」の意味。be動詞の前に do がある場合にto不定詞ではなく原形不定詞になる。All you have to do is doなども同じ。先の
> What we've done is focus on...
も、同様に be動詞の前に done があるので、to focus on ではなく focus on と原形不定詞になっている。

(from) top to bottom 「隅から隅まで、くまなく」
get O doing 「Oに〜させる」get supercomputers running parallel analysis 「スパコンに並列解析させる」
run O 「(コンピュータやプログラムが) Oを実行する」
have O left 「Oが残っている」have ten days left 「10日残っている」

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立川巨災対 夜

安田: Hey, we've done it! We've solved Maki's riddle! Here, look! See?
「やりましたよ! 牧のなぞなぞが解けました! 見てください、ほら」

間: Incredible...

安田: You see there? *It's not the cell membrane itself but an extremophile configuration that inhibits cell membrane activity. Do you understand?

尾頭: This inhibitor could mean the blood coagulant plan is still a viable option. And one that might actually work.

森: Ugh... aah.. It looks good.

矢口: OK.


289 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/18(月) 20:18:15.07 ID:0BRebZwD0.net
>*It's not the cell membrane itself but an extremophile configuration that inhibits cell membrane activity.

solve a riddle 「なぞなぞを解く」
incredible 「すごい、驚くべき」
viable 「実行可能な、成功の見込める」
inhibit O 「Oを抑制する、Oを妨げる」
an inhibitor 「抑制剤」
look good 「良さそうである」

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志村: Just two days left on the countdown.

森: Sigh.. Damn it! I still need three days in order to make the amount of coagulant we need. Is there any way the countdown could be suspended?

小松原: Who on the Security Council could we get to help (a) stall? Any suggestions?

尾頭: Not China or Russia, because they're too geopolitically close to us.

町田: How about France? Nuclear country. I'm sure they'd be interested in biology too.

森: Yeah.

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泉: I've got a French contact. Would you like for me to reach out?

森: Yes, please!

庭野: I'll try the Chief of the European Bureau.

矢口: Do it. And I'm going to call the Foreign Minister. We need twenty four more hours, people!

一同: Sir!


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is there any way (that) countdown could be suspended?
suspend O 「Oを一時停止する」

>Who on the Security Council could we get to help (a) stall?
Who could we get to help (a) stall? とすれば分かりやすい。元の平叙文は
We could get France to help (a) stall.
get O to do「Oに〜してもらう」使役動詞getはOの後to do(to不定詞)を用いる。
stall は吹き替え版は名詞、字幕版では動詞として使われている。
stall 「時間稼ぎをする、わざと遅くする」a stall「行き詰まり、立ち往生」
help (to) do 「〜するのを手伝う」help O「Oを手伝う」

geopolitically 「地政学的に」
close 「近い」
(U) biology 「生態、生物学」


>Would you like (for) me to reach out?
meの前にforが付くのは米国の会話での用法で、to reach outの意味上の主語を表している。
reach out (to somebody) 「(〜と)接触を図る、(〜に)援助を求める」

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つくば 化学工場

森: We were able to finish the number of inhibitor that you needed. That's right. You can send over the tankers to pick them up. They''re done.


町田: We have material and coagulant. Everything will be operation-ready in a few hours. You can give HQ the green light.


send over
このover は「こちらへ」という意味の副詞
give O the green light 「Oにゴーサインを出す」

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立川駐屯地 ヘリポート

矢口: Operation Yashiori will dangerous!

  : The risk of radiation exposure... could result in both sickness and death!

  : I can not promise that all of you will make it back!

  : But know that your work will matter!

  : The greatest strength this country has is you, its people!

  : The SDF, it's the last fortress that could protect this nation and you're its soldiers!

  : The future of Japan... is now in your hands!

  : Protect it!

中隊長: Roll out!

一同: Yes, sir!

297 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/20(水) 17:36:41.66 ID:1ZhQOl5f0.net

result in 〜 「〜の結果になる」
both A and B 「AとBの両方」
promise (that) 「〜ということを約束する」
make it 「無事に辿り着く」make it back 「無事に帰って来る」
matter 「(動) 重要である」
roll out 「成すべき仕事に取りかかる、かかれ!」(スラング)

298 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/09/21(木) 00:58:51.25 ID:01HUYjs60.net
>is there any way (that) countdown could be suspended?

is there any way (that) the countdown could be suspended? の間違い

>矢口: Operation Yashiori will dangerous!

will be dangerous! の間違い。

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科学技術館 屋上

Weather readings were just confirmed, sir. Optimal conditions as hoped.

Skies are clear. Northwest wind is two meters. It's holding steady...

...conditions remain steady and plume should blow out to the bay and minimize the impact to the city.

All platoons are on the ground standing by. The US attack drone squadron is in the air in its designated holding pattern. Happy to report.

丹波連隊長: All systems are go, chief. Just waiting on one thing. Word from Tokyo that the evacuation is complete.

矢口: We've only got one shot at this, so... we can't wait. Let the local governments know we are proceeding and to enact curfew.

丹波連隊長: Roger that. Alert Kanto area municipalities. Have them issue a mandatory curfew for all citizens. Indoor confinement, fifty-hour minimum.

松井通信小隊長: Roger. And commander, we've just gotten word that the train car detachment, it's approaching the zero point.

丹波連隊長: Then let Operation Yashiori commence! Phase one diversion... begin!
「では、ヤシオリ作戦を開始する! 第1段階、陽動。初め!」


304 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/13(金) 01:34:37.89 ID:4p+nug830.net

松井通信小隊長: Success! The train blasts were effective, sir.
「成功! 新幹線爆弾、効果ありです」

丹波連隊長: Proceed to Phase 2. Commence with the aerial assault!

野城副連隊長: Contacting US Forces, sir.

米軍リエゾン: Command, this is Bravo 1. Target in sight, engaging.

米軍本部: Copy that. First wave airborne, engaging.

松井通信小隊長: Sir, The Target is discharging photons from its dorsal fins!

袖原: Gojira is taking down the drones just as we anticipated.

松井通信小隊長: First sortie, destroyed!

丹波連隊長: Don't stop. We are going to wear that thing down and keep it discharging energy until it's spent.

305 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/13(金) 01:36:24.14 ID:4p+nug830.net
無線: Second drone sortie, destroyed!

横田基地 (たたずむカヨコ)
無線: Third drone sortie, commencing attack!

無線: Target moving to predetermined coordinates!

松井通信小隊長: Third sortie, destroyed!

根岸: Contamination zone is growing.

丹波連隊長: Radiation, it's exceeding the permitted amount.

矢口: If we stop now, all will be lost. So continue the attack!

松井通信小隊長: Fourth sortie, destroyed!

丹波連隊長: Launch Fifth sortie, now!

306 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/13(金) 01:50:56.90 ID:4p+nug830.net

野城副連隊長: Those beams, they stopped discharging from the fins! But, something strange is happening.


陸自隊員: How the hell can it do that!?

松井通信小隊長: Fifth sortie has been destroyed.

甲斐第3科長: That thing's plume, it's double the intensity!

丹波連隊長: Hang on. Can't stop yet. Launch the Sixth sortie now!

307 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/13(金) 01:51:55.48 ID:4p+nug830.net
根岸: Volume is degreasing, commander. (根岸が自衛隊員ぽくなっている)

松井通信小隊長: The target's flame has just ceased!

野城副連隊長: Luring (the) target to Kill Point 1, complete.

丹波連隊長: Right. Begin Phase 3! Stationary blasting!

施設作業小隊長: Ignite!


308 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/13(金) 01:52:58.19 ID:4p+nug830.net
根岸: Radiation is at expected levels.

通信員: Now fixing target at Kill Point 1.

丹波連隊長: Right. Start Phase 4. Guided blast!


松井通信小隊長: Target is down!

通信員: Kill Point 1 fixing complete!

丹波連隊長: Launch final phase! Deploy special crane platoon!
「最終段階開始! 特殊建機(クレーン)小隊、配置!」

特殊建機第1小隊長: Roger! First platoon forward!


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311 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 00:44:31.45 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net

312 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 00:45:00.05 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net
東京八重洲口付近 (BP1やBP2が部隊名のように扱われている気がする)

特殊建機第1小隊通信員: Crane Platoon 1, Hydra-slayer 1, move out! Cranes 12 to 14, deploy to battle positions behind BP2, await your orders! (よく聴き取れず)

特殊建機隊員1: Hydro-slayer 1, Crane 11 and BP1 in deployment zone. Over.

特殊建機第1小隊長: Crane 11, Hydra-slayer 1, copy. Standby with engines ready! Deploy outriggers! Approach BP1, and when ordered, commence injection!

特建隊員1: Crane 12 and BP2 deployed!

特建隊員2: Hydra-slayer 1, Crane 15, all vehicles deployed. Engaging hook-up. Over.

特建第1小隊通信員: Crane 15, Hydra-slayer 1, copy. Stay at outer operation range.

313 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 00:45:19.31 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net
特建第1小隊長: Begin the injection!

特建隊員1: Injecting coagulant!

特建隊員2: All pumps, initiate! RC is operational!
「全ポンプ、始動! リモコン操作問題なし!」

特建第1小隊長: OK. Raise the output pressure! Target its mouth as much as possible!

314 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 00:46:01.23 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net
安田: Commander, 20% of supply administered.

安田: The dosage target is now exceeding 30%.

ピーー! ボボボボン!

松井通信小隊長: Crane platoon 1, they're gone...

ホギャー! ゴジラふらふら

野城副連隊長: Dosage is working! Look! The target's slowing down!
「投与の効果あり! 見ろ! 目標動きが鈍っていくぞ!」

丹波連隊長: Now's our chance. Deploy all train bombs. Do it now!

ボボボボボボボボン! ホギャァーー!

315 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 00:46:45.65 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net
松井通信小隊長: Gojira, he's fallen!

矢口: Then roll out the second and third platoons!

丹波連隊長: Second and third platoons, forward! Freeze the bastard!
「第2および第3小隊、前へ! あのクソ野郎を凍結させろ!」

特建第2小隊長: Do it! Administer all at once!
「やれ! 一斉投与だ!」

特建隊員4: 50% of supply administered!

特建隊員5: The first 20 tanks are almost empty.

特建第2小隊長: Got it. Switch tanks to 21 and above! Quickly!

特建隊員4: 60% of supply administered!

316 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 00:47:14.09 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net
安田: 75% of supply gone! We've now passed the coagulant minimum that was projected!
「供給量の75%がなくなりました! これで血液凝固剤の予想される最低量を越えました!」

安田: 90% of supply administered!


安田: 100% used. Critical point's been reached!

野城副連隊長: The target's skin appears to be stiffening!

安田: Please, let this work...


矢口: Did it work?

317 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/14(土) 01:03:50.38 ID:hoUdXx2b0.net

第3小隊通信員: Oh, no! The target's resumed activity!

特建第3小隊長: Full evacuation now! Change positions! Hurry!
「すぐに総員退避だ! 陣地変換、急げ!」

第3小隊通信員2: All troops, abandon the tanks and evacuate to the holding area!


根岸: Chest area temperature has dropped to negative one hundred and ninety six degrees.

野城副連隊長: Gojira... It's completely shut down!

丹波連隊長: Operation Yashiori... appears to be a success!


矢口: Thank you.... All of you!
「ありがとう・・・ 皆さん!」


318 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/15(日) 06:50:18.66 ID:vrTDkDVK0.net

尾頭: Excuse me. Come and look at this survey data.

間: Ah... Gojira's new isotope has a half-life of 20 days.

森: Then, halved again in a month from now. It'll be gone in two to three years.

尾頭: Right. That's good news for the residents of Tokyo.

森: Yeah...

尾頭: Thank goodness...


319 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/15(日) 06:53:02.21 ID:vrTDkDVK0.net

カヨコ: The countdown was only suspended. But it'll restart if Godzilla begins moving again. Nuclear weapons WILL be used if that happens. I'm really amazed you agreed to that.

矢口: I only had to keep the world satisfied. Now Japan... no, all mankind must coexist with Gojira.

カヨコ: So you shared the data with France.

矢口: Yes, with France and the entire world. But still, I regret nothing.

カヨコ: I like this by-any-means approach of yours. Therefore... Don't quit. When I'm president of the US, you'll be ideal as my Japanese counterpart.

矢口: Your Japanese puppet, you mean. The fact remains that casualties were high. And accountability comes with this job. A politician must decide whether to own it or not. I myself choose to own it.

カヨコ: Well... like Maki said, "Do as you please."


矢口: I guess now's not the time to quit. Because things aren't settled. Not yet at least.

しっぽ: .....

320 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/15(日) 06:55:38.39 ID:vrTDkDVK0.net

keep O satisfied (VOC)「Oを満足させておく」
coexist 「共存する」
by any means 「どんな方法を使っても、なんとかして (ハイフンで結んで形容詞の役割をする)」 means 「手段、方法」
a counterpart 「対応相手、同等の人物」
a puppet 「操り人形」
The fact remains that... 「〜という事実は依然として残る (thatはfactの内容を説明する同格節)」
a casualty 「死傷者(の数)、犠牲者(の数)」
(U) accountability 「(説明)責任」
own O 「Oを自分のものと認める、Oを所有する」
decide whether to do A or not「Aするかどうかか決める」
settle O 「Oを解決する」→settled「(形)落ち着いた、安定した」

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323 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/17(火) 12:01:50.80 ID:hG0vryYQ0.net


324 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/21(土) 23:51:01.64 ID:XrrrwgL80.net



325 :名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう! Go to vote! :2017/10/22(日) 19:54:24.13 ID:e1MwQIjZ0VOTE.net

326 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/22(日) 21:44:48.16 ID:n6EpIk+V0.net

★★★★★ The old school reborn「生まれ変わった旧作」
This movie brought back the old school style and meaning of the original Gojira. I loved it and recommend it. I suggest paying attention to the meaning of the movie as it relates to history of the world, along with present times.

★★★★★ Shin Go-jira「シン・ゴジラ」
Interesting movie with the beauracrasy point of view of how it may play out if Godzilla ever his Japan. The P.M. and the cabinets with the hierarchy of checks and order. The scene where Godzilla attacks Tokyo hands down best scene ever.

★★★★★ GODZILLA ROARS!!「ゴジラは吠える!」
GODZILLA FOREVER!!!! Another great film in the TOHO lineup of Godzilla films. The first made by toho in more than a decade the king of the monters lives up to that name and then some.
「ゴジラよ永遠に! 東宝によるゴジラシリーズのまた別の素晴らしい映画が加わった。東宝の製作は10年以上ぶりになる。怪物の王はその名にふさわしい存在で、いやそれ以上だ」

327 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/22(日) 21:45:35.02 ID:n6EpIk+V0.net
★★★★★ I'm a Godzilla fan from waaayyy back and this is unlike any Godzilla film I've ever seen Cool!「ずっと前からのゴジラファンだ。この映画は私がこれまでで見たどの映画とも違う。かっこいい!」
Unusual but very interesting film. I'm a Godzilla fan from waaayyy back and this is unlike any Godzilla film I've ever seen Cool!

★★★★★ Very good!「とても良いね!」
I bought this for a friend of mine who didn't get a chance to see it for the short time it was in theatre in our area, and he really enjoyed it. He described it as "Crazy kiaju madness."

★★★★★ Love
Love the take on his evolution and holding my breath for the sequel!

328 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/26(木) 23:18:03.59 ID:rlgVPbEx0.net
>>1さん 乙です!



329 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/27(金) 09:27:41.62 ID:bArKNNdzx.net
(役者が「脚本 庵野総監督」の“駒”として機能している


330 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/10/27(金) 23:35:42.02 ID:vxY3BZdN0.net


331 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/11/13(月) 20:15:37.05 ID:j+VUsuLLH.net

いよいよ地上波でも放映されるシン・ゴジラ だが、ファンの間でメインテーマである Persecution of the masses(1172)/上陸 のコーラス部分の歌詞についてとんでもない誤訳が広がっているという。

最後のyour high praiseを、単純に『あなたの高らかな賞賛』と直訳する人がゴロゴロしています。


このyour high praiseは『あなたへの高い賞賛』と読むべきですね。

332 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/11/13(月) 20:16:31.15 ID:j+VUsuLLH.net

「Sacred blessings count for nothingという部分に関してですが、


「しかしcount for nothingとはcount(数える)という単語が入っている事からも分かるように、日本語で言えば『勘定に入らない』『ものの数では無い』という意味。
また、Sacred には『聖なる』以外の意味、blessingsにも『祝福』以外の意味があり、
Sacred blessingsを聖なる祝福や神の恵みと考えるのも誤りかもしれません。


333 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/11/13(月) 20:17:23.29 ID:j+VUsuLLH.net




334 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/12/05(火) 18:54:55.02 ID:jzJKq26L0.net

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336 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2017/12/29(金) 21:57:31.16 ID:S6Q76kBD0NIKU.net

337 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/01/13(土) 23:18:37.26 ID:rfcXBuRl0.net

338 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/01/30(火) 13:50:25.09 ID:rZ05NGLT0.net

青木・青山・秋本・秋山・新井・岩本・飯田・伊藤・池田・ 大川・大山・

339 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/02/16(金) 02:23:27.77 ID:Z3aQizC8M.net

340 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/03/05(月) 12:05:15.53 ID:ksmjs5EyM.net

341 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/04/02(月) 20:29:37.33 ID:v5Fhd/uHM.net

342 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/05/06(日) 20:37:20.60 ID:UsFMCDv4M.net

343 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/06/16(土) 02:13:28.15 ID:2ABpQmJ20.net


344 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/07/07(土) 21:11:32.54 ID:zZAGaFcuM0707.net

345 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/07/31(火) 06:49:34.87 ID:LtiQeFQx0.net

346 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/07/31(火) 09:23:37.44 ID:dk6Ja6BN0.net

347 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/10/01(月) 17:46:19.57 ID:cAtzmzUOF.net

770 名無し象は鼻がウナギだ! 2018/04/18 17:18:45


771 名無し象は鼻がウナギだ! 2018/04/18 17:41:17

772 名無し象は鼻がウナギだ! 2018/04/18 19:08:09

773 名無し象は鼻がウナギだ! 2018/04/18 20:35:11

348 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/10/01(月) 17:47:12.65 ID:cAtzmzUOF.net

905 名無し象は鼻がウナギだ! 2018/09/29 10:21:43



349 :名無しさん@英語勉強中 :2018/11/17(土) 11:17:36.67 ID:t2Lwhf9jr.net

350 :山内 武史:2018/12/30(日) 17:56:02.76 ID:m2nSCIRjr

 交差点に乗用車が突入し、横断中の歩行者などをはね死亡させたとして、千葉県柏署は8月16日午前9時ごろ、印西市木下東、名戸ヶ谷病院システムエンジニア 山内 武史 容疑者(45)を自動車運転過失致死傷の疑いで逮捕した。

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